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2x Palo Santo Incense Powder Bag 125g. Get FREE 1 Good Vibes Red Bracelet

Purifies large areas of bad energy. Its magical aroma will eliminate all negativity, including bad odors and mosquitoes!

POTPOURRI, Air freshener for small areas.
SMUDGING, to purify larger areas.
• Easy to light! Stays on longer.
• Perfect for Yoga and Aromatherapy.
• Genuine Palo Santo for cleansing and spiritual purification.
• Resealable bag that preserves its aroma and properties.

The Palo Santo Bracelet is a portable natural diffuser, for daily personal use on the go! It attracts positive energies and relieves stress.

• Carbon positive products. 100% Ecological and Sustainable.
• Support the Native Communities of Manabí-Ecuador.

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If your home is no longer the refuge it used to be, and you feel a lack of peace and serenity, it may be due to negative energies invading your space. It's time to purify it! Palo Santo powder incense is perfect for attracting good fortune, eliminating bad energies, and bringing prosperity and calm to your home. Additionally, its high levels of limonene act as a strong antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory agent, purifying the surrounding air.

To cleanse your home, follow these steps: Take a handful of 25 grams of Palo Santo powder incense and ignite it in a fire-resistant incense burner. Close the windows for a deeper cleanse. Move through each room, ensuring not to inhale excessive smoke. Let the smoke permeate every corner, bringing peace and harmony. After 40 minutes to an hour, open the windows.

Furthermore, the Palo Santo's citrusy woody aroma with a hint of mint serves as a natural air freshener, purifying the air around you. Use it to purify your home before and after social gatherings, as well as to eliminate odors from the kitchen. Remember to perform this when there are no people in the rooms being smudged. Enjoy a renewed and revitalizing atmosphere.

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Bursera Graveolens
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