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At EcuadorianHands we want you to reconnect harmoniously with nature. We are committed to putting an end to pollution on the beaches and to restoring the tropical dry forest, based on the development of sustainable cities.

As our team plants trees and removes harmful debris that is polluting the beaches and oceans, we are focused on educating the communities that live around the forest and its coastline. A large number of people visit them continuously, however, most of them are not aware that at the end of their stay they must collect and take away their garbage. The same for the fishermen, who throw their waste into the sea, which also ends up on the beaches.

Every time you buy a product from EcuadorianHands, you are helping to preserve the home of the PaloSanto (bursera graveolens). We are convinced that your actions have the power to change the world.

Remember #LlévateTuBasura, Plant more trees.

+11500 Palo Santo trees reforested

+11000 Palo Santo trees reforested

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Harmonically reconnecting humanity with nature

Around the year 2005, Fabrizio Vera founded EcuadorianHands, motivated by his love for nature and the waves of the sea. From a very young age he realized that coastal communities depend on the beaches to survive, and yet they do not protect them.

During a surf trip south of Manabí, he learns about the wonderful properties of Palo Santo bursera graveolens, the sacred wood that soothes your soul, and implements the #PaloSantoDoneRight reforestation program, with the aim of restoring dry forests and empowering native communities in the care of this mystical traditional tree.

After implementing a solid waste management program on El Murciélago beach, he understands that garbage bins on the beaches are a problem rather than a solution. For this reason he created Ecoplayas, a community focused on educating and making the population an active part in the protection and sustainable development of the beaches. Do we want clean beaches? #LlévateTuBasura

From the beginning, our founder envisioned a business model that harmonically reconnects humanity with nature, through products that create environmental awareness, and empower individuals to develop sustainable cities.

Your actions matter!

Your actions matter!

 #LlévateTuBasura  | Plant more trees!

 | Plant more trees!

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