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24 bags of Palo Santo Incense Powder Potpourri for Spiritual Cleansing & Air Freshener, 125gr. per bag | WHOLESALE

WHOLESALE. 24 bags of 125 grams of Palo Santo powder packed in a master box. Purify large areas from bad energies. Its magic aroma will take away all negativity, including bad odors and mosquitos!

  • POTPOURRI, Air Freshener for small areas.
  • SMUDGING, for larger areas. Easy to light! Stays on for longer.
  • Perfect for Yoga and Aromatherapy.
  • Genuine Palo Santo for Spiritual cleansing and purifying
  • Resealable bag that preserves its properties.
  • Carbon positive product
  • Supports restoration of the dry forest of Palo Santo in Manabí-Ecuador. 100% Eco-Friendly and Sustainable.
  • Supports Native Communities in Manabi-Ecuador
  • Full Traceability: Directly from the forest to your hands!
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The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 24.

If your home is no longer the place of refuge it used to be, the peace and serenity that you felt when you were it is gone and family disputes and tensions are frequent, this may be due to the negative energies that invade your home and it's time to purify it!

Sometimes we can feel uncomfortable at home and not really know why? Tensions arise for no reason, the atmosphere is bleak. To help you drive away all those negative vibrations, here are some simple little tips to apply (or try) using Palo Santo incense powder which helps attract good fortune and eliminates bad energies, bringing prosperity and calm your home.

It also purifies the air around us thanks to its large amounts of limonene, a strong antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent.

Clean your home and eliminate bad energy

Cleaning our home from bad energy is very easy, you just have to follow the instructions that I will detail below step by step. What we will use for our purification ritual is a bag of Palo Santo powder incense 125 grams, which is good for 5 applications, and an incense burner or something resistant to fire.

We will take our bag of Palo Santo powder incense, which we will use a handful that consists of 25 grams, we place it on the incense burner and proceed to light it, we wait for it to burn a little and it will be ready to start smudging our house.

You must be very careful when lighting the ground incense since it is consumed more easily compared to sticks.

To smudge our home we will do it by areas or rooms. We begin by closing the windows, so we will obtain a deeper cleaning as the smoke can travel every corner of the room. Make sure there is no one at home. Even though the aroma of palo santo is delicious, inhaling large amounts of smoke can be bad for your health. So take care of yourself!

Before leaving our room, we leave our Palo Santo powder in a corner and let smoke invade our room, purifying the air, and bringing peace and harmony.

Palo santo ground is consumed between 40 minutes to an hour. Then you can return to the room and open the windows. You will notice how the bad energies have gone and you will feel a lot of peace.

Natural air freshener ideal for large and small areas

Palo Santo is well known for its pleasant woody citrus aroma with a slight scent of mint which works as a natural air freshener, purifying the air around you. In addition to the pleasant aroma that it leaves in our homes, it also helps to eliminate stress and fatigue.

Smudge and purify the areas of your home previous to and after your reunions. Enjoy!

This trick also serves to eliminate bad odors off your house and kitchen, after having cooked or prepared food that emanates many odors.

Palo Santo powder
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