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Characteristics of Panama Hat “Pork Pie”

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Panama hats have several models, each with its name and its main characteristics that distinguish each other. These fashion hats can be for all tastes: youthful, formal, sports and classic.

Different models of Panama Hats are made 100% Toquilla straw and woven by hand. The weavers are from Manabi-Montecristi; these weavers want to reactivate the crafts of Ecuador with their daily work.

Sombrero Porkpie

Principal characteristics:

  • Pork Pie Hat is youthful, used by people between 20 and 35 years.
  • It is considered sporty; people use it in casual clothing.
  • In other countries this hat is made with fabric or leather; in Ecuador it is done with Toquilla straw.
  • Usually the cup of this Panama hat is short.
  • The mold of this hat is round.
  • The Pork Pie is known worldwide.
  • It is used more in summer season.
  • You can make different degrees of tissue with Pork Pie Hat.
  • The edge of hat is woven to machine, to harden the base.

With Pork Pie Hat and other models of Panama hats are to reach the final consumer, thus reactivating the sale of hats after the earthquake in Ecuador, especially in Manabi on April 16.

Joven luciendo un Porkpie

Time More than revive the sale of these womens hats, the ultimate aim is that people of the country and abroad know that the hat is 100% Manabita, made by Ecuadorian craftsmen.

Manabi goes ahead after this catastrophe, the artisans everyday put more effort into their work, and like them, you can also contribute by sharing this information so that they know about the Fedora Hats.

By: Lady Moreira

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