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Spiritual Path

Spiritual Path

Finding your spiritual path in life is the closest one can get to a feeling of lasting ecstasy.

  • Palo santo to cleanse healing crystals Reiki
    Palo santo to cleanse healing crystals Reiki
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    The reiki deals with the handling and sending of energy for the healing of the mind, the body and emotions. For the Reikistas healers it is a way of life since it guides their behavior.

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  • How do I cleanse my house with Palo Santo?
    How do I cleanse my house with Palo Santo?
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    Many people clean and purify their home at least once a month. Many people enter our home, and each person with a different energy or vibration.

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  • Japa Mala, spiritual necklace
    Japa Mala, spiritual necklace
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    The Malas are used to recite a song, mentally repeat a mantra, or the names of a deity. To achieve an effectiveness must use the correct phrase that corresponds to epigraph.

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  • Japa Malas to meditate
    Japa Malas to meditate
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    A Japa Mala made of Palo Santo has 108 spherical beads; Carries a large bead that goes in the middle and is called "Guru", this basin is the most important because it means "love or spiritual preceptor”. 

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  • Amazon Health Products
    Amazon Health Products
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    Buy Organic Health products of the Amazon Rain Forest - Check all our catalog

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