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What is Tagua Jewelry? Learn what you can do with tagua beads

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Ecuadorian, born in Portoviejo-Manabí. Journalist and photographer, with experience in documentary photos of sustainable agriculture in rural and at-risk communities. She is a writer of chronicles and literary stories. She is currently dedicated to Marketing digital content about the environment and ecology, crafts, and lifestyle.

She is a lover of nature photography and of sharing the way of life of people of different customs and traditions. She loves to photograph nature and recreate artistic photos with elements of nature. She loves alternative music and cultural spaces such as theater and dance. In her spare time, he loves to dedicate himself to her organic garden and practice agroecology.

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  • Información de precios y catàlogo.
    By: Xavier Grijalva On 07/26/2020

    Buenas tardes por favor me pueden enviar catálogo de productos y precios a mi correo.

    Replied by: Jean Carlos Chávez On 08/17/2020 Hola Xavier, puedes ver nuestro catalogo de joyas de tagua y abalorios en el siguiente link

  • Cuentas de tagua
    By: Rick Reyes On 06/22/2020

    Estimado Srs.

    Queria saber si están aceptando pedidos de monento.


    Replied by: Jean Carlos Chávez On 07/06/2020 Hola, si estamos aceptando pedidos, puedes adquirir tus productos de tagua en el siguiente enlace:
    Abalorios de TAgua

    Joyas de tagua