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Straw hat: Classic Havana, your best choice

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Hello friends how are you ?, You know in this blog I have written a lot about straw hats toquilla, which is currently one of the most used accessories worldwide. We have written about the elaboration process, its true history, and how to use them, according to the season.

Today I will talk about the models of hats that exist, starting with the Classic Havana, which is a hat that has been used for many years by various historical figures and great people dedicated to the world of fashion.

Straw hat: Classic Havana, your best choice

The versatility of these hats, makes it possible to use them, on any occasion, giving that elegant and refined touch to your attire.

You have to start by saying that the classic Havana hat is made with straw toquilla, that is, it is 100% natural and is made entirely by hand, by Ecuadorian artisans.

There are Classic Havana hats of 25 and 30 females, being classified as super fine-knit hats, there is little space between strands and an incredible mesh that leaves no doubt about its excellent quality and its great style.

Havana can be an interesting alternative. Although you may think that all the toquilla straw hats are the same, let me tell you that this is not the case, there are several models, and you can differentiate them by the shape of the crown or the wing.

The classic havana, has a different crown to the classic hat shape, which are usually island-shaped and the angles are less marked, resulting more natural. Its wing is shorter, which makes it more youthful and is easy to customize with the ribbon of the preferred color. It is with the most informal outfits with the best results.

This hat model can be worn by both men and women, has a bohemian feel that is impossible not to like, I have also read comments where people explain that the classic Havana has a sporty look, but a classic spirit, that is to say it is ideal for all kinds of clothes without losing the glamor.

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