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Fashion Jewelry: Jewelry or a work of art?

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In the jewelry industry, considerable growth has been perceived. Both in brands and in the improvement of their tools. There are so many varieties of models that we can find nowadays, that we have a number of options to choose from.

We can find designs in gold, silver, bronze or organic material. This last option is the one that has been most welcomed in recent months. For all the pollution that is existing on our planet, species that are disappearing or in danger of extinction. For this reason, alternatives have been created that provide benefits. For the fashion industry and for our environment.

One of these organic materials that is revolutionizing is the use of ecological ivory or tagua. Recall that organic ivory or vegetable ivory, is a tool that helps us to reduce the illegal hunting of animal ivory. So that in this way we can preserve the species that is affected by this problem.


The jewels made in this material are having a good reception. Especially in various places in the world. It is amazing to see the variety of designs that can be made with this material.

I want to tell you that I am a fan of the jewelry made in this type of material. I find them very versatile and practical to wear on any occasion. A point in favor of tagua jewelry is how light they are. In general, it is not good that we wear earrings as large as they are heavy or uncomfortable.

Tagua earrings are a very good option for this. For its comfort and lightness, it allows us to be always calm and in total confidence.

But it is not interesting to see how each day, in some way this type of costume jewelry is being considered a work of art. And the way in how each of these designs are created is impressive. And therefore each one takes time to elaborate.

We can summarize that the jewelry of ecological ivory or tagua jewelry is one of the most indicated options. It makes us look beautiful with each one of the designs full of creativity for each craftsman.

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