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Japa Malas to meditate

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Did you know that Palo Santo's Japa Mala helps you have a deeper meditation and recharge yourself with positive energy.

This is because each pearl is made of palo santo, with a woody citrus aroma with a slight scent of mint, which raises your vibration, encourages pleasant emotions such as peace, happiness and joy, leading us to a state of relaxation that allows a deeper connection with the Universe.

A Japa Mala made of Palo Santo has 108 spherical beads; Carries a large bead that goes in the middle and is called "Guru", this basin is the most important because it means "love or spiritual preceptor”. The goal of Guru beads is to show the recitation of a mantra. The practice of mantra raise the spirituality of the individual.

These Malas are used for prayers on behalf of a deity or god, quote scriptures or motivational phrase. Also they used in yoga as a therapy to meditate. Have similar structures with the rosary, due to the purpose of their prayers and recitations.

There are two types of Malas: Buddhist and Hindu. The recitation of these are completely different; everyone has their beliefs, traditions, techniques, meanings and gods that distinguish from each other.

By using Japa Mala will improve your concentration and will dominate their thoughts. Yourself can choose the phrases to be recited, so you will have a high emotional impact.

The Mala is used in hands or around the neck to meditate. It is not considered an item of jewelry, otherwise this would show an increase to our ego.

Meaning of Elephant in meditation.

When meditating there are many elements involved, the elephant symbol is one of them.

In the Japa Malas the elephant is used as a form of concentration and mind connection with God; it is also used as the form and names of the mantras chosen, are one hundred eight names that are repeated in the beads of Palo Santo.

In Hinduism it is considered Ganesha, god of wisdom. Represented by four arms, big belly and elephant head.

In India it is believed that the elephant is an animal of remarkable intelligence. Therefore, the elephant-headed god is considered the most intelligent of the gods.

Ganesha is also the divinity of studios and intellectuals: It is the symbol of knowledge. It also represents the harmony between man and the universe in a perfect symbiosis.

Meaning of red color in meditation.

With the colors we can obtain information on what we should focus on meditation. The colors have a visual effect that soothes and relaxes the soul; the color red is one of them.

The red is the color of life. It is the first chakra that unites us with the physical world, located at the base of the spine.

The red gives us security and confidence as it connects us with the energy of Mother Earth, and it helps us feel that we are made of the same energy.

Observe and feel the color red helps restore the vital energy and raise the spirits. The contemplation of red color stimulates all the energy centers.

How to hydrate the pearls of your japa mala with the essential oil of Palo Santo?

With time and constant handling of the palo santo pearls from your japa mala, you will notice that their smell will diminish due to sweat or dust.

Returning the pleasant aroma of Palo Santo is very simple, pay attention to the following steps.

  • Wipe the pearls with a tissue to remove dust.
  • Once clean, we will proceed to hydrate the pearls of our japa mala with a few drops of 100% pure Palo Santo essential oil, which contains limonene, a strong antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal agent.

Remember to hydrate each pearl, and voila, you will give Japa Mala its characteristic and deep aroma again.

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