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Meet Sara Maruri, jewelry designer

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Meet Sara Maruri, jewelry designer

Hello, on this occasion we would like to introduce you to Sara. She is a friend from Guayaquil, Ecuador, dedicated to making jewelry and jewelry made with beads and beads, which are very beautiful. We hope that this section will help the rest of the community to know a little more about tagua, coconut and ecological beads. Let's start...

Hi Sara, how did you meet Tagua beads?

About 4 years ago I started making accessories and in 2009 I was going to participate in a fashion event, the Yambal Fashion Week presenting a collection based on elements from our Ecuadorian coast. I started a search of materials in various places and online and found in an unlimited variety of parts and pieces in coconut and tagua that were perfect for what I needed. I made a first order of proof and was fascinated with the quality, variety, colors and beauty of the pieces that I acquired, which has allowed me since then to further develop my creativity by combining such exquisite materials in my designs, to provide my clients with pieces original, striking, and very accessible costs.

What influenced your decision when buying tagua beads?

First of all, the variety of pieces and parts that are offered, both in the shapes and in the colors, as well as the quality in the finish; Not to mention the excellence in prices and service offered.

What are your favorite beads to work a necklace? Which materials are your top 5 or top 10?

I love the centers of coconut, the arrocillo, pearls, eggs and lentils of tagua.

What do you like most about tagua beads? (Choose all that apply)


Do you have any suggestions about this material (tagua)?

It would add a plus to the excellence of this material, if there was the possibility of custom orders.

What did you do with the Tagua beads you bought? Tell us about the design you made. Send photos, videos, website, etc. Send to this email address:

I have created necklaces, bracelets, bracelets, earrings, rings, earrings, belts, mixing parts and pieces of both coconut and tagua, with other elements such as wood, swarovsky crystals, coral, natural leather, leather, silk thread, silver hardware , goldfilled, copper, bronze. You can see my creations at In my Mestiza-Linea Playa collections and in my Marina collection. Also on facebook at Sara Maruri Accessories

Would you say that your designs are made respecting the environment? Why?

I try to make my accessories using the most natural elements such as tagua, coconut and natural stones.

How long have you started with this activity? How many years?

4, almost 5 years

Tell us how you started

It all started as a hobbi, taking a craft course. Then when you realize that you have the ability and passion to create you can not stop.

How many hours do you dedicate to this activity per week?


Do you devote yourself professionally to the design of jewelry with beads?

It is a small business.

Finally we want to thank Sara for her time, and for sharing her experiences with tagua and coconut beads. Success in your work!


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