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Montecristi hat (Panama Hat) is exhibited at the MoMa museum in New York

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Since the first of October the straw hat has been exhibited in the MoMa (Museum of Modern Art in New York) museum. This is erroneously known as Panama Hat (Montecristi Hat). Its true origin is from Ecuador.

Domingo Carranza, a native of Montecristi Manabí, was in charge of making the finest tissue of the hat to be exhibited in the museum. This hat is one of the 111 items that are being exposed. The characteristic of this hat is that it is 100% hand-woven, of natural color, and also wears a traditional black ribbon.

The delegation of weavers was presented at the European Heritage Days. This presentation was on October 16 and 17. This event was held in Quito. The delegates stated that the hat making process and technique are rigorous. The quality and value of the hat are shown in the degree of tissue. The thinner your tissue, the more value the hat will have.

In this event, the artisan Carranza announced that his hat will be exhibited at the MoMa Museum until January 28. People who are fond of handicrafts can go to see the Toquilla Straw hat. Its a universal garment, so it is considered hats for women and hats for men.

It has been 73 years for the MoMa Museum to once again present a fashion exhibition. Here we find handmade accessories, clothing for different occasions and varied footwear. These items and more are in view of the spectators. In the installations, printed garments of all times are projected, a memorable guayabera of the Cuban revolution, a che Guevara embroidered by hand, and also highlights the Montecristi hat. These articles stand out because they have had great importance in history. In the case of the straw hats, it was declared by Unesco as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2012.

The hat is being displayed in the catalog of the Gonzenbach exhibition. Items: Is Fashion Modern is the first fashion show of MoMa. Carranza worked with Hugo Gonzenbach. He's a hat healer for the Ecuadorian company Hats From The Heart.

All these items that are shown are fashionable and universal. Every day many people wear these garments for their jobs, meetings and other social events.

This exhibition held in New York is organized by Paola Antonelli, curator of architecture. Michelle Millar Fisher is your assistant, they have had several years of work and research.

The room where the 111 items have been accommodated is suitable with screens. Each article is numbered on the wall, and illustrated by slide presentations. In this gallery the characteristics and prototypes of each article are shown.

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