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School of art and craft "pile"

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Learning Centre of woven of straw hats

The program of workshop schools and offices homes have their appearance in Spain. It is created under the command of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. This school does not depend on the education sector, but it is an alternative training for the people; it is a way to learn to weave Toquilla straw hats.

Started its activities in 1985, the National Employment Institute runs the school. The school is created by the social and economic situation of the inhabitants.

In Ecuador, the workshop schools are an alternative craft training and working, oriented to men and women over 15 years, generally of scarce resources, and want to contribute to the recovery of the artistic tradition of Montecristi hats (erroneously known as Panama hats).

This training in no way limits the possibility of continuing their regular high school studies, upper third or fourth level.

The artisans also want to preserve this Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. That was as declared by UNESCO in 2012.

The workshop school

The main objective of the school is to improve levels of craft training. Among its favorable effects this contribution to improve conditions for youth employment.

For the teachers of the Training Workshops have been derived positive effects, both in their theoretical knowledge as well as the practical. They currently have the necessary materials for the teaching of different types of tissues of straw hats.

The experience of the tissue has launched micro-enterprises to improve the quality of life of people after the earthquake that hit Ecuador on 4/16. They are inserted tourism development strategies and the creation of a new Schools Workshop in Ecuador. We want to revive the economy and handicrafts of Ecuador.

The Training Plan

The new production model is used by the school, creating and promoting one of the most emblematic products of Ecuador, the Panama hat.

The cycle of this training: learning and working in the School Workshop Pile has a duration of 2 years. At that time the students learn the preparation processes of Montecristi hat.

At the start of each training period are applied aptitude tests, also a diagnosis on the knowledge that students have about the hat. Completed tests of knowledge, skills, and expertise; are formed student group, as a result of analysis, evaluation, and tabulation of the tests; these tests are the responsibility of the Directorate of the School.

In the area of ex officio, 3 groups are formed: A, B, and C

Group A: Students who do not know the tissue (do not know knitting)

Group B: Students who have some knowledge about the tissue (if you know knitting)

Group C: Students who master the techniques of tissue (woven very easily)

The objective is to help eradicate illiteracy and strengthen continuing education for adults.

In the two years of training, students must pass six levels; each has a duration of four months.

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