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Set of Tagua and Coconut. Sara Maruri Accessories Designs

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Set of Tagua and Coconut. Sara Maruri Accessories Designs

This space is dedicated to all our customers who want to share their art with our community. The following text was written by Sara Maruri, and it has been translated automatically. Again, please apologize me for any mistake:

“Set of Tagua and Coconut. Sara Maruri Accessories Designs. It consists of necklace, earrings and bracelets.

The long adjustable necklace has a coconut center in purple hue, adorned with layers of nacre in sheets. Body is subject to the collar by Suede leatherette strips in white bone, adorned with pearls beads and tubes beads of tagua in tone lilac, purple, wine and copper hardware parts and goldfilled.

Additionally, I also used eggs of tagua as part of the necklace’s body, in white color (which were cut), and Swarovski crystals in different shapes and sizes, in colors that harmonize with the tones of exotic ivory (tagua beads) and coconut beads.

The long Earrings are made of copper and goldfilled hardware. They have tagua bead in shades of lilac and purple items pearl and Swarovski crystals. All of them to maintain the style and materials used in the collar.

The bracelets that complements the set was made with tagua cubes in shades of lilac, purple and wine in combination items pearl and Swarovski crystals on copper and goldfilled hardware.


Maruri Sara M.

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