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Tips to take care of your straw hat Toquilla

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You like to travel, enjoy nature and in every destination you visit, wear your favorite clothes. Then the Panama hat is one of the accessories that cannot be missing in your luggage, especially if you are going to be in the sun or if you want to look fabulous but fresh, with something simple but elegant, do not hesitate to wear a straw hat.

These toquilla straw hats can be taken anywhere, although you will surely wonder how you should pack them or take care of them so that it does not fail on every trip. You must know that a hat involves care from its purchase and this is important for its durability. Panama hats are woven 100% by hand and with natural straw, so we must take care of them, although their care also depends on the degree of the fabric, since this allows the hat to be more flexible when storing or packing them. Many tourists who visit Ecuador acquire this handicraft to immortalize their visit, if you want to buy a toquilla straw hat and want to extend the time of use and keep it like new, pay attention to the following tips.

Panama Hat Women

Where to keep your straw hat?

You may be wondering, where is the ideal place to store your straw hat and avoid damage? The place can be anyone, the most important thing is the climate where the hat is located. If your hat is in dry weather, you have to check it frequently, dry weather can stiffen the straw, causing it to break. To avoid this you can moisten it with steam, place a pot of boiling water, when the water is boiling it will vote steam, that is when you will put your hat on top of the pot, managing to moisten it so that the hat gains flexibility. If you live in places where the weather is very dry it is recommended to moisten the hat a little. You can take a spray of water and spray it on your wings superficially.

Avoid storing it in a tight place or folding it, this way the hat shape will not be lost. You should also not expose the hat to dust or high temperatures as they would damage its shape and appearance.

Straw Hats are not stored in humid climates. Since straw is a natural product, when it is in a humid place it can rot or it can grow mold, so you must be careful. Placing it in a safe place will help keep the hat intact for many years.

What to do if your straw hat gets wet?

Try to prevent your straw hat from getting wet. Remember that moisture can cause the straw to rot and terrible mold spots to appear. Straw hats are not impervious to rain, preventing them from getting wet because the straw can swell and the hat can be deformed. If one day your hat gets wet, don't make the mistake of placing it on a direct heat source or drying it with a hairdryer, this can toast the straw and make it brittle. If your hat gets wet what you should do is the following, take a clean cloth, try to absorb the water from the hat, and then let it dry naturally in a place where ventilation and natural light enter, without using hairdryers, no heating. You can also take a damp cloth and put it on the brim of the hat and put the iron on at a low temperature.

What is the correct way to grab your straw hat?

If you are a person who frequently uses your toquilla straw hat, but you are noticing that every day it loses its shape, this may be due to the way you hold it. When you put on or take off your hat, try to grab it by the brim, on both sides, this is the way to prevent it from losing shape. DO NOT grab the hat from the top of the glass because it is a more sensitive area and the bad grip will cause it to be damaged, and there is more probability that it will get dirty. Now that you know how to put on and take off your hat, wear it with confidence, feel free, and be sure that your hat will always be in good condition.

5 Tips to take care of your straw hat Toquilla

What to do if your straw hat has lost its shape?

If your straw hat has lost its shape, do not discard it as it recovers its shape easily. To shape the crown, you just need to boil water in a pot, once the water is boiling, place the crown in the steam and help shape it gently with your hands.

When the hat is worn, you only need an iron and a slightly damp cloth or handkerchief. Place the cloth over the brims of the hat, then let the iron heat to a low degree and proceed to iron the brims gently as many times as necessary. Be careful because the direct contact of the iron with the straw can damage your hat. It is NOT recommended to pass the iron so many times because the straw can burn or shrink. You must iron for a few minutes until you see that the hat has returned to its original shape.

How to clean your straw hat?

If by mistake or carelessness, your toquilla straw hat is stained, and you do not know how to remove the stain, do not be afraid of this small problem that has a solution. What we are going to use is just a clean cloth and a little mild soap, if it is much better baby soap, what we will do is gently rub the hat with a damp cloth and soap until the stain is removed, you have to do this until it foams and repeat it as many times as necessary for the stain to come out, you should not do it vigorously, once the stain has been removed, a clean slightly damp cloth is passed to remove the soap.

If the stain is a difficult substance to remove, you should take it to the dry cleaner so as not to spoil it. Better fixed by a professional. And if you want to keep your hat clean and dust it off, just use a dry cloth or sponge and gently wipe it over the hat.

 Trick! In the vast majority of occasions, a white eraser will help you remove dirt and leave it looking like new. Straw is a fiber very similar to paper and for this reason, the eraser will give you great results.

What happens if summer ends and winter arrives, how do I take care of my Toquilla Straw hat?

At the end of the summer, normally, we leave aside our accessories of the season. Currently, toquilla straw hats are the most used during the summer, but when the rainy and cold days arrive. It's time to clean and store our precious toquilla straw hat. Although many of you consider the toquilla straw hat to be a great accessory during the winter since it can also help to hide the frizz of the hair caused by humidity, you run the risk of the toquilla straw hat deteriorating faster since it is made of 100% natural material and when wet or staying wet the straw can rot.

Make sure the hat is completely dry and free of dirt. If you find it is damp, try letting it air dry where it is not directly in the sun. To clean it rub the stains carefully and with a little water to which you can add a little (very little) of Shampoo, rubbing gently in circles until the stain disappears. You already know that water vapor can help us a lot in this process.

and; Next, look for a cardboard box to put it in; It should not be an airtight container, it should be made of natural material such as paper or wood, it will absorb moisture and allow air circulation.

These are some tricks to extend the life of your Panama hat and keep it in perfect condition. In this way, it will look new and the years of use it takes will not be noticed. I hope you find them useful and put them into practice. If at any time you have a problem with your hat, do not hesitate to follow these tips and you will be able to use your toquilla straw hat for much longer. If you have any questions do not hesitate to leave it in the comments.

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