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A Beginners Guide to Jewelry Beading – Tools and Materials

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A Beginners Guide to Jewelry Beading – Tools and Materials

Before that first trip to the bead shop and bead online, it is important to understand beading tools and materials. As such, beading and jewelry-making has become an extremely popular hobby or home business for many inspired.

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Stringing Materials

Cords, threads, tagua bead, seed beads, or flexible beading wire are used to string the beads. The choice depends primarily on whether the stringing material will be exposed and, therefore, should be decorative.

Decorative materials are usually cords or threads, including colored fabric and leather. Nylon-wrapped wire is typically used if the stringing material will be hidden. Strength is another important factor in choosing stringing material, and the weight and size of the beads should be considered.

Jewelry-Making Tools

Jewelry making involves specific tools that require practice and safety measures. Once you are familiar with the tools, it’s time to move on to designing beautiful art.

  • Wire Cutters: There are several different styles of wire cutters designed for different uses. The most versatile wire cutter is a flush cutter.
  • Chain Nose Pliers: These jaws taper to a sharp point and can be used to access small spaces. May be used to crimp crimp beads.
  • Flat Nose Pliers: These jaws are flat and do not taper. May be used to hold wire while working or to wrap loops of wire.
  • Crimping Pliers: These jaws are especially made for crimping crimp beads and deliver professional crimped results.
  • Round Nose Pliers: These jaws are round and are used for making round loops out of wire.
  • Scissors: This is a sharp scissors that is useful in jewelry-making. Do not use to cut wire, however.
  • Bead Board: This is a portable board with grooves and hollows that allows you to plan a design and organize the beads you are using for a particular project.
  • Beat Mat: This is a mat that is placed on a work surface that helps to prevent beads from rolling away and becoming lost.

These jewelry making tools are usually available at bead shops but can also be found at hobby and crafts stores. Before beginning to make any piece of jewelry, it is necessary to consider and plan the design of the piece. Planning the size, the length, and the colors needs to be done prior to creating so that the finished piece will be what is desired.

Making bead jewelry is a wonderfully creative, artistic craft. However, the creative process is certainly enhanced with the proper tools and materials. It is best for beginners to approach that first project with all the right tools and materials in hand.

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