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Basic tips for using rings correctly

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We know perfectly well that in our daily attire, can not miss the accessories as part of the outfit. We make different combinations of accessories every day, but sometimes we prefer to use a special one like a ring, earrings, bracelet or simply a necklace.

In the world there are people who decide only to use a single accessory, either because they are fans of just using that kind of accessories or They just do not like to recharge their appearance so much. Among these, we can find lovers of rings, that in his closet they possess a number of designs and models of rings. Each one of different material; for example the beautiful tagua rings, of which we can find in different design as round, oval, with shapes, among others; both for women and for men.

But just as we like to use this accessory, it is important to know that there are parameters that tell us how to use the rings and how to do it.

Would you like to know how to use them ?. Keep reading and learn how to properly wear your favorite rings.

Basic tips for using rings correctly Basic tips for using rings correctly

They express a message

When we wear an accessory like a ring, we use an accessory that is normally noticeable before others. Usually when one person looks at another using a ring, depending on the design and on which finger it is, analyze and receive a message.

Normally when a person wears a ring, Depending on the finger on which you use it, the message is understood, that is, if the ring goes on the ring finger it is an engagement ring or marriage. However if the ring goes on the little finger it is a personal statement ring.


Safety plays an important role in our life, even to use a ring. There are many people who like to wear rings, but not all of them feel safe using them. This is normal so you are not used to using extra weight on your fingers. It is advisable that if you do not feel safe when using a ring, if you do not feel comfortable using it, do not do it. To be able to use a ring you have to feel confident that we really feel comfortable with this accessory. If the person who uses it does not feel comfortable this is easily noticed.

It is recommended that if you like to use rings, to get used to it and feel safe when using it, practice at home. Wear rings while we spend at home to get used to their weight little by little and presence in our hands. Once you feel more comfortable, you can start using them in public. Preferably start using them when you are among people you trust, who notice the presence of the use of this accessory and give opinions that will gradually get used.

Balance with the size of the hands

When using this type of accessories it is important to note which ring we can use according to the size of the hands. Not all rings are suitable for all hands. If it is rings with big and colorful details, they are suitable for people with big hands, since this way the ring will be better appreciated and the hand will stand out. Otherwise, people with small hands, it is advisable to use rings with small and simple details to make your hand look better.

Let's not forget the sizes of the fingers. This factor also influences when using a ring. If the person has thin fingers it is better to wear light rings, that do not generate weight in our fingers, because this would cause discomfort and discomfort. When it comes to rings with broadband, these would look better on big fingers.

Less is more

If it's about rings, it is not advisable to recharge the hand of so many rings. You have to know how to balance correctly so that it does not alter the harmony of the accessories. We can not stack several rings in one hand. If the other hand is empty, we can balance so that you see balance in both hands.

For example; if you wear a ring and a bracelet or watch in your left hand, we can balance with another bracelet in the right hand to improve the appearance of our hands and do not look overloaded. Another recommended option is to wear a ring on the left hand and a bracelet on the right. Everything depends on your taste, keeping in mind that you should not pile several accessories in one hand.

Left or right?

This is a very important detail that we can not leave out. The hand you use to show off your favorite rings, speak much your personality. That's right, even if it is not very credible, this is true. We have an active or dominant hand and a passive hand. It is usually more meaningful to use the rings in the dominant hand.

You may wonder, How to know which is my dominant hand?

This is super easy, everything depends if you are right-handed or left-handed. If in that case you are right-handed, your dominant hand is the right; but if you are left-handed your dominant hand is the left.

What did you think about all this information?. If you love rings, remember to follow these tips, which are important when using accessories in our attire. Remember that this accessory is important in your wardrobe, it can not be absent for any reason.

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