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Basic tips to combine tagua accessories

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When dressing, every detail of our attire is important. From the shoes to the earrings, our attire has to look impeccable according to the trend we want to wear. In fashion, trends are sharp and there is no option for a mismatch. But occasionally take risks and break rules, there's nothing wrong. As I always mention; everything is a matter of risking and playing with colors and designs.

Fashion has a number of parameters to be part of it. Although now that's easy. And they will ask themselves;  how can I do it?, if I do not have a lot of clothes in my closet; and many more concerns. I want to tell you that the trick is to know how to combine with the few pieces of your wardrobe. I want to tell you that the trick is to know how to combine with the few pieces of your wardrobe. It all depends on how you make the combinations and what accessories you choose.

For this there are several rules to follow. But guiding us with the most important things, we will be able to be an icon of fashion for the social circle that surrounds us. We will focus specifically, in rules to know how to use tagua accessories correctly.

Let us begin!

Basic tips to combine tagua accessories

Basic Colors

It is very important to start by knowing what colors to use. Having an idea of the basic colors for use in our attire; we achieve all combinations we make. There are a variety of colors in tagua jewelry.

Next I will mention the basic colors that we should always have at hand and be able to create beautiful outfits.

Among these basic colors we have:

  • Black
  • White
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Brown

These are the main colors, which should be preferred when choosing our accessories Tagua. Mainly because they are colors that can be used throughout the year. It does not matter the season of the year, the place or the month. These colors will always be ideal for any outfit at any time and place. But if you want more striking colors you can choose neon colors. Everything depends on your taste.

Earrings or Necklace

This is basically a classic fashion rule. Depends on the chosen attire we will decide what would be better. In certain cases, carrying both options is a good choice; but, you have to be very careful because we can not recharge. If our goal is to highlight our face with the outfit, a good option is to choose only earrings. If the attire is basic, they have to be colorful earrings that focus attention on the face. If it is a little more loaded with information on the garments; preferable that they be short and simple earrings.

Now with the necklace is the same. If it is basic and simple color attire, depending on the clothes you are going to use, preferable that the necklace is of striking colors and with a design that draws attention and stylizes the neck and shoulders.

Basic tips to combine tagua accessories

Bracelets according to the clothes

This accessory gives a unique touch to our look, even better if it is made of tagua. Usually the bracelets are used to tune the wrist of the woman. But you will ask; How should you use them?. Sometimes it is complicated to combine them with our garments; but with these three indications you will easily know in which attire to add them.

  1. When it comes to tight clothing, it is advisable to use fine and small bracelets. More than one or two in neutral or striking colors, depending on the colors you wear in your outfit. That's more than enough to look beautiful.
  2. For loose clothes are perfect bracelets of various colors. The mixture of this will make your figure look more stylized.
  3. When you wear attire that are short sleeves, the bracelets indicated are the wide ones. This will give more sobriety to your look highlighting your face and figure.

In these three points have the key to create out of the ordinary garments, without breaking the rules. Tell me about the comments that you would use with tagua jewelry, following these rules.

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