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Choose a toquilla straw hat according to your personality and style

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We can not deny that if we talk about styles of straw hats in the world of fashion, there are a number of varieties according to the personality, tastes and creativity of each person.

For my part, I confess that I'm a big fan of broad-brimmed toquilla straw hats for its ease of combining them with beach attire, that are my favorites. But, not only does this style exist; we must bear in mind that we have a variety of designs that you can use according to your personality and taste.

Among these we have the following:

  • Classic
  • Fedora
  • Fedora classic
  • Havana classic

All of them made 100% straw toquilla and probably already know or have heard about these styles, that each one differs by its form; it is worth mentioning as a curious fact that a straw hat is fine according to its preparation; and will ask me, How to know if my toquilla straw hat is fine or not?, Well easy, everything is in the detail of it fabric; the more together it fibers are, the finer is the hat.

Well now!, focusing on a specific topic I want you to learn about  a little about each of these styles and how to combine them according to their personality.

Panama Hat for women style

We start!

Classic: If you characterize yourself as a formal person at all times, this is the perfect toquilla straw hat for you; for having a basic design, short wing, subtle, easy to carry on casual occasions and combine with formal attire.

Sometimes depending on your outfit you can give it a more chic and youthful touch, giving a fresh and smooth perspective of your appearance.

Fedora: This type of hat, without a doubt, they are my favorites for its versatility to include in most of the outfits that I usually wear in my daily life, from a formal appearance to a relaxed and uncomplicated. In this style we have toquilla straw hats with short wing and wide brim.

Normally with the short wing is usually used in casual styles to give an appearance of sobriety and elegance. Wide-brimmed ones are usually used for more summery styles and relaxed, be it a daily or beach attire.

In my case I love the combination between a fedora wide brim, some jeans, shoes, a blazer of a basic neutral color accompanied by delicate accessories.

If this type of attire is of your preference, Fedora style  toquilla straw hat is an ideal option.

Panama Hat in Ecuador

Fedora classic: Usually this type of toquilla straw hat is used in formal or elegant attire, for its simple and fine design.

If you are one of the people who like to transmit elegance, Classic Fedora is your choice.

This design can be mixed with long wide or short trousers, depending on the occasion; blusas de botones formales, long or short sleeves and simple accessories not so striking that enhance the outfit in general.

Havana classic: You may remember in previous publications details that I shared with you, about this type of toquilla straw hat; the question is:

How to know if this is the right one for me?; Keep reading and you will know the answer.

This type of toquilla straw hats They are usually versatile because of their not so marked shape in the details, giving a more natural touch to our appearance without losing formality.

Interestingly it is also useful to create sports attire; in little words, this toquilla straw hat design can not be missing in your wardrobe. Therefore if it is your preference to wear sports attire this straw hat is the right one.

What did you think of this information?; I hope you like it and identify what kind of toquilla straw hat goes according to your personality. It is important to mention that in these types of attire we can also add special accessories such as tagua jewelry.

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