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Fashion earrings according to your hair

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In fashion, as I have always said, every detail of the outfit we wear is very important. From shoes to the minimum of accessories or simply the way we use our hair. Everything influences to create the perfect harmony according to each occasion.

When it comes to accessories, like the jewelry of ecological ivory or known as tagua jewelry, You have to take into account certain details, specifically speaking of the earrings. Remember that tagua earrings are lightweight and friendly material with nature and your body.

There are many people today, who usually prefer to wear only earrings. This option is valid as long as it goes according to the attire we wear.

I can mention that when wearing earrings, the shape and length of our face greatly influence. Knowing this will help us see clearly, it fits us well according to our face.

According to the most common forms of faces the earrings that could be used are the following:

  • For oval faces, the earrings in half moon design are a good option. This type of model will help to stylize the length of your face. You can also choose small round earrings or round rings of medium size.
  • For round faces, medium and long earrings are options that can be used. In type of flower designs, cluster shape or diamond or pentagonal shape.
  • For heart-shaped faces, long earrings are an option to choose. They can use both long earrings in different types of designs or small earrings, either of the two options highlights this type of face.

Now yes, having a little knowledge of what type of earrings go well according to our face. We can now see what type of earrings we can use depending on the shape of our hair and the style we use. In this case we will consider fashion earrings for long hair or short hair.

Fashion earrings for long hair

Most women like to have their hair long and try to make it look good with everything that is worn. Referring to accessories in this case earrings, it is important to take into account the following aspects to properly use earrings made of ecological ivory or tagua jewelry.

  1. If the intention is to wear loose hair, it is preferable to use tagua earrings that are plain and simple. With this we will avoid that in one way or another the earring is entangled with the hair. Showing in a better way the design of our accessory and at the same time our hair.
  2. If we want to use braids, a semi-closed hair or a hair completely collected; the ideal would be to wear long earrings so that to achieve attention to the face and the set of earrings that we are using. Without neglecting the style we use in the hair.
  3. In certain types of hairstyles with semi-combed hair we can also use small simple earrings, with pearl design or medium size.
  4. In long hair we are currently seeing "High Updo's" style hairstyles. These types of styles are combed with the hair completely collected, in these collections combine all kinds of techniques such as braids and others. For this type of collected long earrings with simple designs but that draw attention. This type of earrings, which can be found in designs of tagua jewelry, it will help us to highlight in general all the attire we wear.

Fashion earrings for short hair

For short hair the indications to be able to wear our beautiful earrings of organic ivory, are more practical and simple. To be able to properly wear fashionable earrings with short hair, we have to bear in mind the following indications:

  1. We must bear in mind that to choose the right accessory, in this case the earrings, we must add balance to the haircut.
  2. The earrings that we will use we have to choose according to the style we want to recreate.
  3. An important point is the event and occasion that we are going to attend. Depending on this factor we also choose the type of earrings we are going to use. They have to be bold designs for the night and simple for the day.
  4. For the hair the designs of earrings that we can use can be small, medium or long. Ensuring that the model of earring we use does not alter the overall harmony of the ensemble. The important thing is that through them we can highlight all the attire in general.

It is important to remember that the earrings made of ecological ivory or tagua jewelry, they are totally light due to their material of natural origin. Using this type of accessories we will avoid future problems in the aesthetics of the ear.

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