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How do I choose a hat that fits my face and clothing?

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Toquilla straw hat, also known as Panama Hat, has become very popular among young people and adults.  If you have a Panama hat and you do not know how to combine it or you want to buy one, but you do not know which one is the right one, you have arrived at the right place. I will give you some tips for you to learn to combine your hat and learn to identify what kind of hat is best suited according to your physique.

Usually, we think that toquilla straw hats are often used in summer or in places where the sun is very strong or simply in the field. But the world of fashion has left aside this thought, creating new styles and combinations with this incredible craftsmanship, allowing it to be used in the city, weddings and different events.

hats for men

If you are a man and want to show off your straw hat, you can do it wearing a guayabera or linen shirts. When I use Toquilla Straw Hats, I usually do it with a short-sleeve shirt, shorts, and sneakers, this combination is for a youthful style.

Although, one day I was invited to a wedding that was outdoors and did not know what to wear, what I did was, put on a long-sleeved shirt, jeans, casual brown shoes and a khaki jacket, and of course my toquilla straw hat made in Ecuador, the result was great, many asked me where I had bought my outfit.

For the beach, The outfit is different. You can wear shorts, sneakers, a shirt, and a straw hat. For us, men can be a little easier to combine our attire with straw hats. I only own the classic straw hat and give it many combinations.

For women to combine these hats is a little more complex, they should know what type of hat they combine with their attire, it may be that a suit combines with a short-brimmed or wide-brimmed hat. Pay attention to the following recommendations.

If you plan to wear loose blouses with dark-colored prints and gradient pants. It is recommended that you use wide-brimmed hats. You can add to this dress a long necklace of a single color, you can opt for tagua costume jewelry to look more ecological.

Another outfit you can wear with these hats are dresses and hand-knitted blouses. Something very important is that for the beach this type of hats is great. There are also custom wide-brimmed hats that enhance your style.

But if you have a classic hat like me, do not worry you can also use it. If you are a person that you like the youthful style, you can wear a short dress, combine it with a jean jacket or vest, and a classic straw hat.

You can also wear this hat with shorts, loose blouses, semi-sport shoes. To wear a straw hat, the best hairstyles are with loose hair, braids, or low hair.

How to know which hat fits your face?

To whom has it happened? That when they see an outfit or an accessory on a mannequin or a photo and it looks great, and once we buy it, it does not fit us well and we get disappointed. This is because we do not take into account our physical form when choosing a garment.

To choose a hat you must take into account the following recommendations.

  • If you are a woman of high stature do not choose a small hat, this can make you look bad. If you are small, small hats will be great for you.

  • The hats have sizes, so make sure you buy yours, you can measure your head with a tape measure. If you're a bit thick body, you favor hats high crown and small wing, because stylize your figure.

  • If your face is round, do not wear hats with circular cups because they can accentuate the roundness of the face, or it is better to choose a hat that has a tall cup and a straight wing to give more angles to the face.

  • A trick you can do to look good is to tilt the hat forward, this helps lengthen the face and gives you a touch of definition.

  • If your face is triangular or oval, you can try on many hats. The faces of a triangular or oval shape, have infinite options when it comes to hats. You just have to make sure your hat matches your outfit.

  • If you have a long face, do not wear hats with tall tops, in doing so you can lengthen the face. I recommend you use, a hat that reaches the eyebrows can help you hide your forehead, making your face a shorter face.

Tell us in the comments with what kind of outfit you combine your straw hat. Remember to create several combinations, the world of fashion creates new styles, thanks to that. Many designers combine, colors, shapes, and textures, to have a good result, do not limit yourself, and create your style.

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