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How to combine your favorite eco-friendly jewelry set with Shoulder style?

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In the day to day of our daily activities, it happens that we do not know what to use or how to use our favorite jewelry of organic ivory. Suddenly there is an occasion where we have to look formal and in other occasions where we want to look casual but uncomplicated. But I tell you that it really is super easy to be able to combine the tagua jewels.

Probably they have realized the present that are nowadays the blouses style "shoulder" or peasant style. This type of style is not only seen in blouses, because the big brands have chosen to wear this style in dresses and jumpers, depending on the model, this type of garment can be used for all kinds of occasions.

In general, this style is related to a peasant style and relaxed, but depending on how it is used, it can give elegance to your appearance. And most likely you think about how you can use or how to combine tagua jewelry with this type of garment.

Therefore, today I will show you options with different styles of shoulder garments, with which you can combine your favorite set of organic ivory jewelry. In these options you will find neutral colors, phosphorescent colors and the classic red. That as mentioned in previous publications, are colors that will prevail in this year. So do not lose sight of reading this publication and find out  How to combine jewelry of ecological ivory style "shoulder"?.

Neutral colors never go out of style

The beige color is a color that will be very present in this year 2019. In this option we will combine a shoulder style blouse,  in this color, with a necklace neither so short nor so long.

But if you want to combine with a long necklace it would also be a good option. We just have to be careful not to look overloaded.

If the garment has some pattern or design, we must take into account this detail so that the tagua jewels stand out at all times. Without overshadowing the garment. That is to say that the whole balanced combination is seen. This type of combination can serve you for a formal meeting or an outing among friends.

Highlights and be the center of attention

For a more formal night or morning, this would be a good option. For lovers of phosphorescent colors, like me, we know that these types of colors will always stand out at any time and in any place. It is recommended that these types of garments with these colors be used with pastel-colored accessories. This will not only highlight the garment, but also the jewel of ecological ivory.  The secret is to choose a model of jewel of tagua with colorful design as the design of the image. This type of combinations will give us a soft and delicate touch to look on all occasions. You will be the center of all eyes at all times.

How to combine your favorite eco-friendly jewelry set with Shoulder style? How to combine your favorite eco-friendly jewelry set with Shoulder style?

Lace with classic red

Red will definitely be a color that will never go out of style. Considered as the color of love and passion, always manages to stand out at all times and occasions. Except for delicate situations in which it is preferable not to use it.

The garments with the shoulder style and in this color are an excellent combination to complement with our favorite tagua jewel. Depending on the design of the garment will give us a youthful touch or a slightly more sensual appearance. For this type of garments we can use a collar color similar to that of the blouse or garment. This time I wanted to choose a collar of ecological ivory of dark color. Due to the lace design of the garment, this design stands out with all the attire.

How to combine your favorite eco-friendly jewelry set with Shoulder style? How to combine your favorite eco-friendly jewelry set with Shoulder style?

Classic black

Black is a color that gets us out of trouble at all times. Also that makes us look thinner. Garments with this type of color and in shoulder style, has option to combine with all kinds of designs and colors in tagua jewelry. Remember that the color black combines with everything. For this option I wanted to choose a lighter color set for the day. But if you want to use it at night, you can opt for a dark color. Everything is in how you feel more comfortable.

Remember that with any of these types of options you can use long or short tagua earrings. Everything is in the design of the garment and how you decide to project your appearance. Combining organic ivory jewelry is super easy, everything is a matter of playing between designs and colors.

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