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How to prevent the straw hat from flying?

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It's normal that whenever we choose our outfit of the day, we try to perfect even the smallest detail. In my case I like to play with different combinations and create from the most relaxed attire, even the craziest. And if it's about accessories, we are much more demanding.

Today I will talk about that accessory that we all have in our closet. And if you do not have it, get one as fast as you can, because it will get you out of trouble. This accessory is the  toquilla straw hat.

It happens to all of us; especially to us women, it is difficult for us to keep the toquilla straw hat on our heads. The wind or some movement of our body makes it fly or loose. And this is usually annoying, and even more to have to carry the hat in his hand. But calm, There is a solution that today I will share with all of you.

Keep reading and learn about. How to prevent the straw hat from flying?

In order to achieve this we use materials that we can easily find.

Let us begin!


Velcro is a material known as a system for holding or close, by two strips that come together when they are in contact. It is used for different types of garments for its ease of opening and closing.

For hold our toquilla straw hat is a suitable implement. For this we will follow the following steps:

  • First we separate the two strips that come in the velcro.
  • We will use the part that has the hardest tips.
  • This strip is going to stick it with silicone on the inside of the hat. We will use three strips around the inner edges and one at the inner base.

How to prevent the straw hat from flying?

Pin for hats

They are usually used to decorate hats and give them a different style. But it can also be used to hold the hat on your head and prevent it from moving from its place. For this option the only thing we do is to delicately cross the toquilla straw hat on the side. As we do this we try to engage certain amount of hair to hold it next to the hat. With this we get our straw hats not fly with the wind. And at the same time we are giving a different style with the hat pin.


This option is super simple to use. You're probably thinking that it will look like a kid's hat. But let me tell you no, because the elastic will not leave easily in sight. We will use a thin elastic, preferable of a color that mixes with the color of our hair. We are going to stick this elastic on each end of the toquilla straw hat on the inside fabric edge. At the time of placing the toquilla straw hat, we will use the elastic from behind, covering it with our hair and we are ready to wear our toquilla straw hat.

Invisible headbands “ Pins”

The pins usually serve to hold our hair and for little tricks of our beauty. In this case it is an excellent trick to use it and be able to hold our toquilla straw hat.

Just what we will do is place two pins on the inside edge of the hat, with the ends down to hold. Remember to help us very well from the hands so that the pins are well attached to the hair.

How to prevent the straw hat from flying?


Maybe you have the doubt if the braids really work. But they are an incredible option, I usually use it and It helps me a lot so that my toquilla straw hat fits perfectly.

Keep in mind that when making braids, They have to be braids that hold our hair from the sides. If you want to collect all the hair, you can do it with the braid, as long as it is woven in the middle part of the head. In my case I like to make my braids with semi-selected hair, just doing the braids in the middle part of my head. Holding my hair on both sides; once done this I put my hat and ready. My toquilla straw hat is very well attached to be used on the beach or anywhere else.

How can you see each of these options, they are super easy to make and with certain materials that we can find at home.

Remember that there is a hat for your style and that you can accommodate according to your taste and personality, do not hesitate to choose yours.

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