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How to use tagua jewelry according to fashion styles?

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When it comes to fashion, we can talk about an infinity of topics and their derivations. If we talk about styles in fashion, we take into account that every detail is important. Just as in clothes it is important to take care of the style that you want to express.

In jewelry there are also patterns of how they should be used according to each style. For this we have to define a specific style that we will use.

In general, not all people have the same style in fashion. But we like to be inspired by some of them. To give that unique touch to our attire.

The jewels we get to use play an important role in each style. But, did you know that tagua jewelry can be used in different styles?. Beyond being an artisanal and ecological product, it is possible to use it as a high fashion element.

In previous publications, I commented on the impact that this material is obtaining in the fashion industry. But today we will know about, How to use tagua jewelry in certain styles of fashion?

How to use tagua jewelry according to fashion styles? How to use tagua jewelry according to fashion styles?

Rock style

  • This style usually conveys an air of rebellion.
  • Lovers of this style tend to be inspired by the actors and celebrities of the 50s and 60s.
  • With regard to the use of jewelry, it is possible to use tagua jewelry in attire with this aspect.
  • The jewel colors that dominate this type of style are gray and black.
  • It is possible to achieve a more lady-rock look in this style using less aggressive colors. Preferable pastel colors such as blue or pink.
  • For a more underground look tagua jewelry is perfect for all attire. This will help to give a more uncomplicated touch.

Lolita style

  • This style originates from Japan.
  • The inspiration to create this style comes from the time as the Rococo and the Victorian era.
  • At present it has been reduced to a sweetened western style.
  • In this type of style, the type of jewelry that is going to be used is important.
  • You can use jewelry designs, especially tagua jewelry. From the most innocent and delicate to the most aggressive of strong colors.

How to use tagua jewelry according to fashion styles? How to use tagua jewelry according to fashion styles?

Boho style

  • It is usually a bit complicated to use.
  • It is a mix of vintage, hippie and ethnic styles.
  • The jewels used in this style are characterized by being simple and with simple designs.
  • In tagua jewelry, long necklaces with simple designs are perfect to accompany this style.
  • It is important to use tagua bracelets that go in the same line of the necklace. The bracelets give a more vintage touch to the appearance.
  • The colors of base jewels in this style are gold and silver. It is also a good option to use tagua jewelry in earth tones or browns.
  • The jewelry we choose has to carry small details with colorful colors.
  • These are one of the options that I present to you today. If you want

to use tagua jewelry in other types of styles, they can do it without losing the basis of the aspect they want to show.

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