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Learn to combine your straw hat with your autumn clothes

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We must stop thinking and believe the myth that toquilla straw hats are only an accessory to wear in the summer season or hot climates. There are several models of straw hats that you can choose which one to wear in the fall. Straw hats are so versatile that they can be worn at any time of year, on all occasions, and combined with all kinds of clothing.

That is why I come to tell you how I use my toquilla straw hat with my autumn clothes, something very simple and that you will surely have fun when it comes to making the best wardrobe combinations. Despite the dreamy landscapes that can be seen at this time of year, they are amazing, like seeing the leaves of the trees turn reddish and orange. To then fall due to the action of the wind and the rain painting the floors in warm tones despite the cold and cloudy weather, it is a delight to the eyes that many expect to see each fall.

Although for many people it is a somewhat uncomfortable time because the temperatures drop, the winds become constant, and going out without getting wet in the rain is almost impossible, you should not overwhelm yourself and lose your style wherever you go. For me, going out in the fall season is fascinating because I like to combine my outfits with blazers, leggings, and skirts that make me feel so confident in myself. Something that may sound very positive, but what are we going to do, I am fans of styles regardless of the seasons of the year.

Flowered fall dresses

Something that never goes out of style in the fall seasons is flowery dresses, and better if they are in orange, wine, brown or green tones. In general, I wear a short flowered dress with long dark-colored lycra preferably black, a matching blazer and my toquilla straw hat with Gucci ribbon, some boots that keep my feet warm and I leave my hair loose and medium curly. Although sometimes because of the rain I prefer to make a braid so as not to have the effects of frizz caused by humidity. A constant in this climate.

Urban style and confortable

Something that I always wear is jeans, a sweater, a scarf, and some tennis shoes, accompanying it with the straw hat that I use, which is the fedora type since I can combine it with all my clothes, it is one of the most versatile, apart from that it is classic and looks good with all styles. I use this combination to go shopping or go to the movies when I go for a walk or outdoors. Believe it or not, wearing the straw hats covers me from the cold, its wings protect me from the wind and the breeze when it starts to rain.

Boots become a boom

Taking into account the fact that this season the weather is changeable, dressing in layers is an ideal option that allows you to cover yourself from the cold and rain. But also cool off a bit when it's hot. Dressing in layers will help you stay warm or shed clothes when it is less cold. You can wear a T-shirt, sweater, a short tight skirt, you're over knee boots, a scarf, and your favorite straw hat.

Garments that you will sure you can match your style and will look great with the hat


More and more designers are abandoning the use of natural fur, and faux fur coats are gaining more and more popularity. Good news: don't wait for winter. Such a thing will look great in October in a slim dress.


How could it be without him in the fall? The classic (and not unique) trench coat will become a staple in the transition period. And for those who want to wear it in November, designers have released leather models.


As an alternative to the coat, and in general as the trendiest of the new autumn-winter 2020/2021 season. Monophonic layers and prints like a vintage cage are all the rage.

I think the most important thing is to feel comfortable and safe, so enjoy the changes that the weather and life bring.

Panama Hat women style


Being autumn does not mean that they should always wear autumn clothes, they can play with fashion and create new styles, look different and elegant today, and we do not know what results from we are going to obtain if we do not dare to experiment and combine.

Panama hats are good all year long. Now in autumn let's dare to use them. We have a variety of models for every occasion. We can use them with shirts, vests, scarves, pants, and boots. You are sure to love the combination!

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