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Making the most of Palo Santo: EcuadorianHands' vision for a circular economy

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Palo Santo is a tree that has been considered sacred by the indigenous cultures of South America for centuries. Its medicinal and spiritual properties have made it an important element for healing and purifying environments. However, the popularity of Palo Santo has led to an increase in demand for derivative products, posing challenges for its conservation and sustainability.

At EcuadorianHands we believe that sustainability is key to a better and brighter future, the circular economy is fundamental to our production of Palo Santo and to ensure that Palo Santo wood is used responsibly and sustainably, it is essential to adopt appropriate practices for your collection.
Responsible harvesting involves searching only for specific branches or trees that have died naturally, avoiding deforestation and ecosystem degradation.

Our Natural Reserve "Bosque El Artesan-EcuadorianHands" is an example of how Palo Santo wood can be obtained in a sustainable way that respects the environment and local communities. In this reserve, artisans work in collaboration with groups of farmers to ensure that the wood is obtained in a fair and sustainable way, which contributes to the social and economic prosperity of local communities, promoting fair trade practices and improving working conditions. and the well-being of those who are part of our supply chain.

In addition to this sacred wood, other products derived from Palo Santo can be obtained, such as bracelets, essential oils, soaps, and powder incense. By making the most of Palo Santo wood, waste is avoided and sustainability is promoted. We must remember that the Palo Santo products that we currently use come from trees that are 50 years old, so their use must be conscious and responsible.

The sweet and smoky aroma of Palo Santo is an important element in healing and purifying environments. Its aroma is believed to have the ability to calm the mind, reduce stress, and improve concentration. It is also used to purify the environment and ward off negative energies.

By using our products regularly, you will not only experience the benefits of palo santo, but you will also become part of a community of people who care deeply about protecting the planet.

Palo Santo the sacred wood that soothes your soul?
All our products come from the sustainable use of our Protected Natural Reserve "Bosque ElArtesan-EcuadorianHands", bringing social and economic prosperity to our artisans and their families.

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