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5 options to combine your tagua jewelry this summer

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There is an infinity of handmade jewelry, made with various natural materials. These are recognized for their color, size, quality and purity of materials. The ecological ivory or tagua is a durable material for making handmade jewelry.

These jewels are characteristic to highlight everyday clothing. Women and men wear jewelry in sportswear, semi-formal and formal. There are many combinations that people can do.

This summer will combine elegance, originality, nature, and freshness.

Here at we follow closely the fashion trend, the catwalks and the most relevant designs in jewelry. In summer it becomes fashionable the handmade jewelry made by ecuadorian hands.

The bright colors and figures are widely used in necklaces. The big and small beads are characteristic in the bracelets. Cylinders and slices are used for earrings. This year the voluptuous and long jewels are used. Sophisticated style jewelry that you can use for work, the beach, a party or a family reunion.

The new designs will appeal to you, and the colors will have a leading role in the rest of the year. We bring you several options so you can combine your handmade jewelry with your summer clothes:

Option 1.

Statement necklace


This colorful tagua necklace is very characteristic in clothes of neutral colors. You can combine with colors black, white, gray, dark green, blue and brown ranges. Due to its variety of colors, it should be combined with clothing of a single color. You can add a colorful bracelet to enhance your discreet dress.

A formal jean blouse or loose green blouse can look good with this combination. You can also wear a white beach dress or overalls, or brown vest.

The neutral colors you use on your clothing is depends on your skin color. And this range does not go out of style.

Option 2.

Colorful summer necklace


This necklace style does not depend on the black and white color. It can be combined with colors that complement each other: green with orange, blue with yellow, purple with yellow, red with green. The electric colors take center stage with this necklace. The prints also stand out.

Its combined with clothes that have 2 colors. You can use one color the pants and another color the blouse. Or you can vary the colors in additional accessories like handbags, handkerchiefs, jackets etc. This style is fun and makes us look younger.

The use of different color ranges is the end in this summer look. As long as you do not look like a rainbow, and you can combine with your skin color.

You can increase a bracelet of 2 colors or 1 single color to make your style more striking.

Option 3.

Bohemian necklace


They can be used with analogous colors. These colors are similar to each other: light blue and blue, pink and wine, pink and fuchsia, purple and red etc. Or colors that are derived from the primaries. The decorations and floral prints stand out in this look.

Several bracelets or bands may be worn on the head. Flowers and prints of animals and strange shapes are used in this style.

This elegant and sophisticated combination can be used in the evening in a meeting. The colors to be combined are in the same range of tones.

Dresses with wallet accompanied by a flower scarf, skirts upholstered with top, loose sweaters with pants and hats are characteristic in this style.

Option 4.

Princess necklace

These necklaces can be combined with warm and cool colors. These colors are the ones that come off the yellow, red and blue. The warm ones comprise between yellow and violet. Cool colors range from green to blue. When these 2 colors are combined, it creates a contrast in the dress.

Baggy blouses, shirts, tops, jackets and wide-fit pants are worn in this style. Pleated dresses are used a lot here.

Accompany this dress with a simple bracelet of the same color as the necklace. The jewelry should not be the same color as the dress. Play with the color combination.

You should also check if your skin is warm or cold to be able to match the correct colors.

Option 5.

Temptation sweet necklace

It can be combined with adjacent complementary colors. In other words, a color is taken as a reference. Then the other color to be used may be the one to the right or left. For example, it is based on the color red, and can be combined with orange or purple, green base color and can be combined with turquoise and blue. These colors are neighbors of the reference color.

It can be accompanied by a bracelet of neighboring color. Many different figures are used in clothing.

Long dresses, loose and low-cut blouses, pleated skirts and pleats, body pants and jackets. These are options to use with handmade jewelry.

Tagua jewelery has played a major role in this summer season. Choose yours and combine it with your clothes. Play with your imagination and look chic and sophisticated wherever you go.

We hope this guide has helped you. Now to renew your jewelry stand and your closet.

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