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Is palo santo really endangered? The process of picking up palo santo wood

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  • odks oekovok okok
    By: Ok On 08/16/2020

    Once the entire process was completed we were able to fill one more bag. At that time it was already approximately 1:30 pm. Therefore it was time to call it for the day and return to the starting point.It took about 3 hours to return, ending the day at 4 pm.

    Replied by: Jean Carlos Chávez On 08/17/2020 Hello OK,
    That's right, it took us around 3 hours to get out of the forest. As we left the woods we carried bags of Palo Santo and going down the hills was a bit difficult for us. In the video at the end, we show you our experience in the search and collection of Palo Santo naturally dead in the forest.

  • Palo santo
    By: Hector On 03/27/2020

    Hola soy de argentina y me interesa comprar varios Kg de palosanto aromático están enviando gracias