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Steps to create your craft jewelry business

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Starting your own business is something that we all dream about, it is very nice to be your own boss, although many think that creating your own business is something easy and can be done overnight, not so, to be able to create your own business It takes several things. A year ago I started my own jewelery business accompanied by my cousin, the truth that seemed easy but it was not, with time we got better and today I bring you these little tips so that you do not make the same mistakes as me.

As my specialty is jewelry and costume jewelry, my first advice is that you must be sure you have the talent and creativity to create your jewelry, if it is difficult to create designs you can guide you with designs on the internet or other brands, do not be afraid that you can copy it, nowadays everything is invented, and this is just a guide to create your own designs with that unique touch of your own.

Steps to create your craft jewelry business

Once you have your sketches or designs, it is time to create your workspace, you will need material to be able to create your jewelery, usually and the most basic materials to start will be, thread to make necklaces, special wires for jewelery, scissors, tweezers, brooches, and of course the precious stones that are the fundamental part in all this.

My line of jewelry is handmade and ecological, for which he used Beads or tagua beads or also called ecological ivory, there are many sizes, and of different colors to choose from.

After creating your masterpieces, it is time to think as an executive and entrepreneur. We will carry out a small market study. Decide who your main clients will be to help with your selection of jewelry designs and marketing, here they will also set the prices of the jewelry of your designs. Take into account the supplies and time you need to create pieces for your jewelry business, as well as operating and investment costs.

Now comes the good, we have our product to the public to whom it is directed, the value of our jewelry, but how we make people know that we exist, and how to make people buy our product. Well, this was the mistake I made when starting my business. I started to market my jewelry in my personal social networks, and in groups, I had some clear sales, but that is not ideal. If you realize, we are talking about creating our own jewelry line, for which we need to have a name or a brand.

This step consider it very important and even more than the rest. We must choose a name that identifies us, and that is easy to learn. It would be good if you contacted a graphic designer, with the purpose of creating labels, presentation cards and your own logo or brand.

Do not make the mistake of publishing your products in your personal networks, a key advice is that you must separate, the personal with the labor.

Steps to create your craft jewelry business

Create a new page and networks with the name of your business, invite friends and people that you consider to be your customers. Start uploading content, photos of your products, explain who you are and what your microenterprise does. What are your jewels made of? It is recommended that when you publish your products, you can place the prices, it is tedious to see something that catches our attention and does not know if it is easy to acquire or expensive.

Ask your friends to share the publications of your product in its walls, in order to reach more audience, public groups, uses popular hashtags and according to your product.

I hope this information has been useful, leave us your comment below and do not forget to follow us on our social networks, in which we upload new content every day.

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