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The toquilla straw hat in trend 2023

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The toquilla straw hat never goes out of style, rather it adapts to the constant trends that appear year after year to renew our wardrobe. This hat, in addition to protecting your face and providing shade from the dazzling sun, in this season where temperatures are warm, allows you to feel fresh due to its lightweight design that allows air circulation. So, complete your spring and summer look with the best toquilla straw hats you can find. for the current season, but what style to choose? Just in time for your summer vacation, we have selected the best hats for you, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, the toquilla straw hat has the versatility of being able to be used regardless of your gender.

Although when temperatures rise, you take into account other aspects before looking at which hat you are going to buy. Lightening the clothes and giving it a more relaxed touch will be your first step, and welcome the Short shorts, the light shirts with original designs, or the Cuban collar shirts, the flower dresses that dance with the wind, the flip flops and some glasses that complement your entire wardrobe. But with the high temperatures and the sun in its splendor, you will think that you need a hat to be able to enjoy the most with all the comfort. That is why I have prepared a list of the most incredible toquilla straw hat models that you should know, these hats, also known in the world as Panama Hat, are of 100% Ecuadorian origin so you already know where to find these fine hats.

Fedora a classic that must not be missing

Although we see this style of hat in other materials, the straw is one of the most appreciated, since its shape leaves some space on the head allowing air to circulate, thanks to its design, it allows breathing and a cooling effect, say no to a head that accumulates heat when wearing a hat. Although there are slight variations of the fedora model, it is characterized by having a short or medium brim. This hat is ideal to wear with a suit or swimwear. That is, if you are looking for a hat to go to an elegant outdoor event, the fedora is the hat you are looking for. Obviously, don't forget to bring your glasses with you, the sun is sometimes not a good friend and protecting yourself is your responsibility. Do you like the way a fedora looks like?

The optimo hat with a unique design

The optimo hat is one of the most special and elegant, perfect for both men and women, its shape is original, as it is composed of medium wings and a semi-rounded crown with a slight elevation from the top of the crown of the hat that gives an elegant and sober touch. Hat delight that you can take with you to an elegant celebration or enjoy with your friends in open spaces with good music. This hat is for those who do not want to go unnoticed because they know that no one will wear a hat like the one they wear. If you are unique and want to stand out, this hat is for you.

Planter a remarkable and elegant hat

A very harmonious wide-brimmed hat in its oval crown, with a slight indentation that makes this hat look like a fabulous option to share a pleasant and quiet moment, whether to wear it in the field or on the beach. That allows you greater protection because their wings are large and you can feel more confident, although it is always advisable to wear glasses and constantly apply sunscreen. What I like about the Planter hat is that it gives you style and makes you look more noticeable and with a slight sense of mischief. Would you dare to wear this hat?

Teardrop the minimalist and discreet hat

If you are a person who does not like to attract attention and you think that less is more to feel comfortable, this hat is the model and style you were looking for, an accessory that is characterized by being slightly similar to the shape of the fedora hat in the crown but with the difference that its wings are short, which makes a hat small insight, compared to other types of hats. Ideal to carry them both in the city and in the countryside or during your trips while you are going by train or on the plane, it allows you to go unnoticed, and comfortable. This hat to be short-brimmed does not protect you from the sun as much as the other hats mentioned, so keep that in mind when you go out in direct sunlight.

Campana hat a fabulous balanced accessory

The campana hat is so perfect, a flattened round crown with wide brims is the hat you want to always have with you, it is very comfortable and light, like the rest of straw hats, the campana gives you the freshness and confidence that you are looking for when you go out In the sun, men specifically prefer this hat because of how harmonious they look with their costumes, it is a hat to take on vacation to places where the sea and coconut palms abound. If you plan to go on this vacation to tropical countries, the campana is the travel companion you need because it is very cool and protects you from heatstroke.

This 2023 enjoy the benefits of being able to go out and know more about this world, share with those you love, and reconnect with yourself. Every hat is special and it's nice to have so many options of straw hats for all tastes and purposes that you want to wear. Remember that you can find the finest hats in the world in Ecuador, made of shawl straw, made by the skilled hands of artisans who dedicate their lives to weaving these beautiful accessories. Feel stylish and confident to wear an accessory as special as this one. Take control and choose the Panama Hat that you like the most, you are one step away from complementing your style this summer.

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