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The perfect necklace in the trends of the year 2024

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In past publications I told you about what will be fashionable in this 2024.  This time I want to focus specifically on the use of accessories such as jewelry. The trends that become fashionable in the outfits, we do not just talk about what clothes are. It is also important to have knowledge of the accessories that are in trend. Each year new styles and designs are born in the world of jewelry.  In this case focusing on the trends that this year brings us 2024 with respect to the jewelry of ecological ivory.

There are more and more striking models in tagua jewelry, which is useful for all kinds of occasions. Remember that by using this type of jewelry made of ecological material, we are collaborating to achieve it, in some way, avoid the illegal trafficking of animal ivory.

Tagua in the fashion industry is considered a luxury tool. That is why it is increasingly positioning itself as an ecological material of excellent quality.

In this 2024 the necklaces arrive with force. Beyond using the complete set of accessories or simply earrings. These days it is becoming important to combine a necklace with our attire.  And you will ask, what are the trends in the necklaces this year? or In what way can I use them?.

There are 3 trends that are frequently seen with regard to accessories. You can see the influence of long necklaces, pearls and necklaces in red tones. In tagua jewelry it is possible to carry out these three styles. Your designs can go according to any person and occasion.

I will present you one by one the tagua jewelry options, according to the trends that this 2019 brings us and in what way we can use them.

Long necklaces

I think that really this type of necklaces never go out of style. We can see them in any season or year being used in the best styles. Normally this type of necklaces are used with loose blouses, giving a fresh and descomplicado aspect.

It can also be used in beach attire and depending on the clothes that are chosen, it can also be given a touch of formality and elegance.

Pearls necklaces

The tagua considered as the ecological ivory.  It is perfect for wearing necklaces in pearl shapes. Pearls are accessories that are often used in all types of garments.  Believe it or not, made on a tagua basis they look even more beautiful.

Depending on the design of the pearl can be used in formal attire or we can also use them in relaxed and youthful attire.

Red necklaces

Red is a color that is imposing presence this year. Even more so if it is present in the accessories. In collars this color is the perfect accomplice. Whatever design you find, long or short, have at least one red necklace in your house or in your closet will serve you a lot and will get out of trouble.

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