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5 tips to show off your jewelry correctly

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5 tips to show off your jewelry correctly

It is inevitable not to wear any accessory when wearing an outfit. Accessories like hats, jewelry, watches or belts can make any outfit look great. So do not make excuses to look good and stylish. Be creative and have fun with your accessories and highlight your style. Today I will talk about how to properly use your jewelry, usually I use jewelry of vegetable ivory or tagua, but these tips also apply to traditional jewelry.

Use your jewelry depending on the occasion

It is not always convenient to use our jewelry, you must bear in mind that the jewelry you are going to use should be appropriate, always taking into account the place you go or the clothes you will wear. For example, if we are going to work we can use simple jewelry that does not attract much attention, that is, a kind of jewel that makes us look elegant but at the same time subtle. If you will attend a formal event, consider using jewelry and finer gemstones. If we are going out to dance or have fun, we can put our creativity to 100 and be glamorous but with comfort.

Take into account your outfit

Our attire is very important to take into account before using any jewelry or accessory. If we are going to wear some striking attire, with prints, or with stones, our jewelry should be simple and sober. And if we are going to wear a simpler outfit, we can get creative and wear our most glamorous jewelry to give it life and look unique.

An additional tip is that if you are going to wear a black dress with red shoes, you can use some red jewelry to match the outfit. Remember not to wear eye-catching necklaces with patterned or polka-dotted blouses, but use them if you wear a simple white shirt or blouse. Remember that your jewelry is an addition to your outfit and should never compete with what you wear.

What to do with the necklines?

If you wear a blouse or dress with a neckline, the ideal is to think about a necklace, to favor it. Our necklace should be visible, but not so striking, remember we must not compete with our attire, on the contrary should highlight and improve our attire.

If we wear a dress or blouse with deep neckline or V-shaped, we can wear a long necklace, which reaches just above the neckline. If our neckline is heart-shaped, we can highlight it with a short and striking necklace. If we wear a round neck or round neckline we can wear layered or striking necklaces.

Wear jewelry that highlights your features

-If you have a round face it is better not to use chokers because they shorten the neck, ideally, use long earrings and necklaces, avoid round ones, use angular, rectangular and trapezoidal; They are an excellent option to stylize the figure.

-If you have an oval face, feel happy, the oval faces are almost perfect, almost everything is left, just try not to use very long earrings.

-If your face is long and you have a long neck, you can use earrings that give just at the level of the neck, here you can use necklaces and round earrings.

-Now if you are women of small stature I recommend you use necklaces between 45 and 60 cm, being long disguise your short and thick neck, avoid using chokers so you do not shorten the neck. If on the contrary, you are of medium height, you are very lucky, you can use any type of necklaces and earrings. Now if you are tall I recommend you use small necklaces, the long earring will be perfect.

What jewelry to use according to your skin tone?

Before daring to wear a jewel, let's consider our skin tone to favor it. People have light skin tones with bluish veins and more pink and red shades. The warm skin tones have greenish veins and more yellow shades. Pay attention to the colors you can use according to your skin color.

One of the colors that adapt to all types of skin is the color pink. Try it and you will see how it makes you look unique.

If you are a person of warm skin color you are favored are the cakes: pale yellow, purple, violet, rose stick, mint green or silver. Also neutral tones like white or gray. The ones that do the least justice to you are earth tones and oranges.

If you are of colder skin color, dark colors favor you: black, navy blue, purple, red, bottle green or emerald and magenta. You also favor neon tones and light colors such as white, yellow or gray. On the contrary, it is better to avoid beiges, orange, military green or gold.

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