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Tips to show off your tagua jewelry according to each occasion

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In each outfit that we choose according to what the occasion merits, we must choose the right accessories. For this task, the most perfectionists are women. Always trying that the chosen accessories are complemented with each combination that we use.

Currently it is said that the percentage of purchases in accessories is 5% in men and 95% in women. With this they understand the importance of accessories in a woman's life. And the variety of accessories that exist is infinite that sometimes we do not know which one to use.

Usually when it comes to accessories 33% of women prefer rings, 29% earrings, 20% necklaces and 18% in other types of accessories or pieces.

Among these types of accessories we find tagua jewelry. Remember that tagua is a natural material known as organic vegetable ivory. In previous publications I shared with you about the influence of tagua jewelry in high fashion, being a luxury material for different kind of occasions.

Tagua jewelry will always be your ideal accomplice to reflect your personality and give a special touch to your beauty.

You will ask then; How can I use the tagua jewelry on each occasion?

In tagua accessories we can find designs from the simplest to the most elegant and striking. This is why I will explain how to use your tagua jewelry on every occasion of everyday life that is presented.


In these types of occasions we must use accessories that complement each other. In this case, tagua jewelry that agrees, more to our personality and tastes. A good option is to use small and simple tagua earrings, to look delicate. If you want to use a tagua ring or bracelets, these should also go in the same focus. Remember that this will give a casual but fresh touch to the whole set. For no reason try to use any of these accessories in designs with large and striking parts, let's not forget that the occasion is casual and as such we must be delicate in our appearance. All this combination must be carried in the same line and range of colors. Although you can also use colors but make sure they are not so strong, so you do not miss the focus of our full attire.

In the office or work

This time everything depends on how you are dressed or how your uniform is. But it is a good idea to use tagua jewelry as an excellent option. It is preferable to choose tagua jewelry that shows personality and character in your appearance. We can use colors that are of our preference; but, that they are subtle.

Remember that in our work we can not look so extravagant. If you are one of those who like simple things, you can also choose simple and delicate options. It's all about analyzing what you'll feel more comfortable with.

You can choose between earrings, necklaces or bracelets. Using them together at the same time or choosing only one of them.

Tips to show off your tagua jewelry according to each occasion Tips to show off your tagua jewelry according to each occasion


On this occasion if we want to call a little more attention. The trick is to know how to correctly choose the perfect accessories for this occasion. You can choose tagua jewelry that has striking colors and large pieces. Here you can combine with bracelets, rings, necklaces with chains or earrings of your choice. Trying that everything leads to a correct harmony. Remember that the accessories to choose on this occasion, they must be the protagonists that complement all your attire.


For this kind of occasions it is necessary to use accessories that do not overshadow the dress, but that combine with the dress. Maybe there is a doubt if the tagua jewelry can be used on this kind of occasions. And really if they can be used, everything depends on the design you choose. I recommend that these types of attire are suitable only with earrings. The earrings have to be large with a very sober design. This will help us to give a unique elegance to the appearance. We can add a bracelet, as long as this goes according to the earrings in the same line. Remember that it is not appropriate to use a watch as an accessory of option.

Tips to show off your tagua jewelry according to each occasion 

This is how our tagua jewelry can make us look radiant and beautiful every time. As I mentioned at the beginning, everything depends on how we mix with our attire. So you can calmly decide to choose tagua jewelry for any occasion you like to use it. I'm sure they'll serve you for everything.

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