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How to find your inner calm

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Uses and benefits of Palo Santo

The ancestral knowledge of Ecuador attributes PALO SANTO the ability to transmute emotions, relieve tension, promote meditative-state and balance energies.

Used by generations of healers, mystics and shamans in purifying rituals, this SACRED TREE is  considered magical for its spiritual benefits, which cleans negative energy from the environment and souls, bringing a feeling of well-being and joy.

  • Relaxes the mind and induces a sense of peace. Its particular aroma promotes meditation, which is why it is widely used in yoga, reiki and aromatherapy practices.
  • It is an aphrodisiac; stimulates sweetness and the ability to give and receive love, helping to improve the loving and spiritual relationship in couples. Some sexologists recommend using it in the bedroom, to achieve a more intimate and pleasurable moment.
  • It raises self-esteem and improves mood, as well as increasing the feeling of calm and tranquility in the home, and in the environments where its aroma is released.
  • It is a natural mosquito repellent, much more recommended than using chemical repellents that affect our skin.
  • It has antidepressant, diuretic, purifying, rheumatic, antiseptic properties, among others, according to some studies. Its main component is Limonene, present in an average 89%.

How to purify our home with Palo Santo Powder Incense?

Palo Santo Powder Incense

Purifies large spaces of bad energies. Its magical aroma gets rid of everything negative that it finds in its path, including bad smells and mosquitoes.

It is important to know that palo santo has the power of purification and healing, both physical and spiritual. If you feel tired and discouraged when you are at home, even if you feel in a bad mood, it may be due to the bad energies that are in your house.

To remove bad energies off your home or around you, you can do cleaning or purification once a week using the magic of Palo Santo.

We recommend using Palo Santo powder incense, as it is easy to use, stays lit longer, and is ideal for cleansing and spiritual purification.

  1. For the purification rituals (smudging), we will use an incense burner or something resistant to fire. We will take a handful of palo santo powder, we place it on the incense burner, and we proceed to light it. Once it burns a little we are ready to smudge our house. We will do this process by areas or rooms.
  2. We start by closing the windows so that the smoke travels through every corner of the room, thus obtaining a deeper cleaning. It is preferable that there is no one in the room. Although the aroma of palo santo is delicious, inhaling any type of smoke for a long time can be bad for your health. So take care of yourself!

“The palo santo powder is consumed between 40 minutes to an hour. Then you can go back to the room and open the windows. You will notice how the bad energies have gone and you will feel a sensation of calm.”

Natural scent: It can replace conventional air fresheners. It is effective in eliminating bad odors after cooking your food, you just have to take a small handful and leave it in an incense burner when you have finished cleaning the kitchen.

Use it as Potpourri: You can place small amounts in very small pore fabric bags and store them in your drawers, closets and bathrooms. It is not necessary to turn it on. In addition to eliminating bad odors, you will be able to purify your home in those small areas, leaving a pleasant aroma.

Palo Santo powder incense packaging is resealable, allowing the properties of palo santo to be preserved once it has been opened. 

Palo Santo Powder Incense

How to find spiritual calm with Palo Santo incense sticks?

Just by burning one end of our palo santo sticks you will balance your energy to a state of peace and harmony.

Palo Santo incense sticks are a faithful companion for your spaces of meditation and reflection. Used in many spiritual practices such as reiki, yoga and shamanic ceremonies, this sacred wood has spiritual properties to raise your concentration, calm your soul and provide you with a space of peace and serenity.

The way to use it is to light your Palo Santo stick, wait for it to burn for a few seconds, turn off the flame and let the smoke spread. With the stick in our hand we can slowly surround our body and our space.

Once our space is purified, you will place the stick in a place where it can be consumed. With the delicious aroma of Palo Santo we can delve into our being and reflect on both the beautiful and the bad. Delve into the changes and actions that we must carry out in order to become the best version of ourselves.

It is also your perfect company to recite mantras. Just by lighting a stick of Palo Santo to start your day, with an intention and purpose, repeating it several times, you will make the beginning of your day a beautiful experience.

Palo Santo sticks can become your self-love therapy, it takes you to a state where you meet your inner being.

For daily personal use. To take it with you wherever you go. It is easy to carry, you can have it with you anywhere. For example, in the car, many times the vehicles keep unpleasant odors such as humidity or food, light a stick of Palo Santo for a few seconds and you will feel how all the bad odors disappear.

You can also carry it in your purse or wallet, due to its size, it does not take up much space and you will feel surrounded in the aroma of palo santo and its medicinal properties.

Palo Santo sticks

Uses and benefits of Palo Santo oil

The essential oil is a great way to benefit from this aroma. We can also spray it in the environment or on ourselves to have a good day.

Palo Santo oil has a pleasant woody citrus aroma with a slight mint scent. It can be used by people suffering from muscle pain, high levels of stress, depression, anxiety, cough, colds, respiratory infections, sleep disorders, nervous disorders, etc.

Uses of 100% pure Palo Santo in diffusers

With the diffusers, the therapeutic vapor of essential oils is obtained. Using an aroma diffuser is very simple. First we put a little water in our diffuser, then we put 3 to 5 drops of 100% pure palo santo essential oil, and we will let the steam surround our space.

By using Palo Santo oil in this way, you can counteract symptoms of flu, cough, allergies and reduce levels of stress and fatigue, since its pleasant aroma can cause relaxation in your body immediately. 

In the bathroom – Relaxing shower with 100% pure Palo Santo oil

A hot bath scented with essential oils is a sure way to relieve sore muscles and joint pain, as well as reduce swelling and inflammation. Bubble baths saturated with palo santo are the most effective way, as the combination of hot water and aromas of essential oils offer double the healing power.

You can relieve muscle pain by taking a bubble bath and shower gels with essential extracts.

Palo Santo oil

Relaxing massages with 33% pure Palo Santo oil

When it comes to massage, you should apply the 33% pure Palo Santo oil directly to the skin. Start massaging the area with pain in a circular way, once the massage is finished, you can bandage or cover the area with a red handkerchief to help circulation and reduce inflammation.

Palo Santo oil

If you have a 100% pure essential oil you can also use it, just keep in mind that we must first dilute it with a carrier oil or neutral oil, since applying a 100% pure essential oil directly to our skin can cause irritation.

There are many types of carrier oils to dilute essential oils before applying to the skin, such as olive oil, jojoba oil, hazelnut oil, grape oil, etc. All of these are excellent options to use in conjunction with essential oil. Once diluted, it is deeply massaged into problem areas for as long as needed.

Protect your skin with Palo Santo Soap

Palo Santo, the natural energy that does your body good. Boost your energy!

Palo Santo Soap is a natural relaxant with a woody citrus pleasant aroma. Being made from Palo Santo essential oil, it also contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Palo Santo oilYou can use this soap in your day to day, in your morning routine or before going to sleep, its pleasant aroma will help you fall asleep and relax after a productive day. It even helps you to have more hydrated skin, and eliminates certain skin imperfections, such as blemishes or pimples on your face.

Carry the aroma of palo santo everywhere

Smelling Palo Santo is like wearing an amulet or being a magnet for good things.

Our Palo Santo Bracelet are a natural diffuser that helps to eliminate the bad energies that surround us. It attracts good fortune, peace and tranquility. Its pleasant woody citrus aroma with a slight mint scent will help you to be in peace and harmony with the universe.

You will be able to enjoy this pleasant aroma for a long time since its pearl is 100% natural, made directly from the palo santo tree, representing the reforested trees and the commitment to take care of the environment of the dry forests of Ecuador.

These bracelets come with a vial of 100% pure palo santo oil that is used to moisturize the sacred bead. When we feel that its smell is diminishing, we only have to add a drop of essential oil to reactivate the characteristic aroma of the palo santo.

"A legacy from our mother nature for you to meet her again... She will always have something good to give you."

palo santo bracelet

We care about taking 100% advantage of Palo Santo, its oil and its knowledge, in addition to reforesting and monitoring the dry forest #PaloSantoDoneRight.The most important thing for us is to continue spreading the respect and love we have for this sacred wood, which delivers its healing benefits when the tree dies naturally after 30 years of age.

We want you to get closer to nature, learn and care for this knowledge with us, maintaining reverence and respect for this species, after all, it is a holy wood.

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