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Do essential oils help induce labor?

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Most of us know the benefits that essential oils can offer us. And is that these natural products offer us a number of benefits, that although it does not seem, it can solve several problems of our daily life.

Did you know that one of the benefits of essential oils is to help induce labor?

You will be asking if this really can be possible. And really because of how stimulating they are for our body and energies, It can be a good tool for this work.

The essential oils are stimulants, sedatives and fulfill the function of a tonic. Certain essential oils are emmenagogues; that is, they are stimulants in the blood flow that goes to the pelvis. Resulting in uterine contractions. I know you agree with me in saying that not all women are familiar with the discomforts of childbirth. It is for this reason that many midwives use essential oils to allow the birth process to progress. Being a very safe option for the mother as for the baby. On the internet there are testimonies from several women who share their experience using essential oil during pregnancy and the birth process. Remember that it is important that before making any of the recommendations I give you in this publication, you should consult your doctor of preference.

What oils should I diffuse during labour?

As you have read so far, they realize that it is not dangerous to use essential oils to induce labor. But you have to take certain precautions into account before doing this action. The precautions that we must take are the following:

If you are in a risky or unhealthy pregnancy, It is advisable not to use essential oils or to do it under medical or specialist supervision.

It is recommended that you smell the essential oils you are going to use before going to the hospital. It is likely that the essential oils that you liked before pregnancy, do not cause the same reaction as now.

It is preferable not to ingest any type of essential oil that causes nausea.

Once these precautions are taken into account, today I want to present several essential oil options that can be used to help induce labor.

Sage essential oil

Does clary sage oil induce labour?.  This is a question that many women ask themselves. Sage essential oil is considered an effective oil to induce labor. The functions that this essential oil performs in pregnant women, is to improve contractions and allow birth to be natural.

Jasmine essential oil

This essential oil has a rich and warm aroma. It is said that this essential oil has been used for years to heat the matrix and facilitate birth. This oil is used in a tonic way, mix it with a carrier oil of your preference to massage or diffuse in the air.

Lavender essential oil

This essential oil is known for its function of soothing and sedating. In certain places this essential oil is considered as a stimulant for contractions of the uterus. Lavender essential oil can help create a calm and relaxing environment helping to facilitate the birth process.

Geranium essential oil

Geranium essential oil fulfills almost the same functions as lavender essential oil. Helps to calm and relax the working mother, creating a calm and serene environment.

Palo Santo essential oil

In many of our publications we have mentioned the wide variety of properties that have the essential oil palo santo. One of these qualities is to help relax the body and calm the mind, allowing in the process of childbirth, the future mom will reduce labor pains.

Incense Essential Oil

Considered as a relaxing essential oil. This essential oil can be a good option for the first phase of the birth process. The advisable option to use this essential incense oil is by inhaling. It can also be used topically, through massage to soothe the pains of childbirth.

(Note: Ecuadorianhands website does not contain medical advice. The contents of this website, are intended for informational and educational purposes only and not for the purpose of rendering medical advice. The contents of this website are not intended to substitute for professional medical advice.)

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