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How to reduce the impact of stress on your hair, practicing aromatherapy and yoga with essential oils?

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Our body is a complete organism and developed to fulfill the functions necessary to live day to day. Sometimes this is affected by situations that escapes our hands.

It can be affected by a virus, acquired illness or stress. This last factor is one of the main causes of several diseases.

Stress can be caused by some worry, family problem or simply for work reasons. When we find ourselves in a state of stress, our body can be affected in several ways, internally and externally. One of the consequences of this is hair loss. Maybe a lot of you happen that when they comb their hair or run their hand through their hair they usually have hair on their hands. And they will wonder if this is normal, and actually this is normal but if it happens to be excessive hair loss, it is because there is an even more serious problem. This hair loss is known as a "telogen effluvium" condition. It is called in this way the action of hair loss caused by some trauma or acquired stress.

How does stress affect hair?

We all know that suffering from stress is something that we can not stop giving importance. In the world much of the population suffers from stress, the problem lies in how we can control or avoid being stressed.

One of the consequences of not being able to control this is hair loss. As you can see in this publication, hair loss is somehow a worrisome situation.

In general, stress, apart from causing hair loss, also prevents it from growing. In other words, the normal and natural process of hair growth will not be realized.

Can hair grow back after stress?

You may say that it is a little complicated to grow your hair, suffering from stress. But really our hair if it can grow, it's just a matter of learning how to reduce stress. It is only a question of trying to work so that the stress diminishes in some way.

By achieving this we will not only be improving the growth of our hair, otherwise we will also achieve other functions of our body to improve.

How do you stop hair loss from stress?

The solution to reduce stress is not as complicated as it seems. There are many alternatives that we can achieve to control and why not, it eliminates the stress of our body. Among these alternatives I can mention the following:

Yoga: To practice yoga is a good option to relax our body. Through this practice we can eliminate stress or fatigue that affects our body. This practice is more effective with the use of essential oils of palo santo or using incense sticks of palo santo.

Aromatherapy: The practice of aromatherapy turns out to be a beneficial and favorable option for our body. Practice at least 30 minutes of aromatherapy is important, this will reduce stress in a practical and simple way. Remember that in the practice of aromatherapy we use essential oils. They can use the essential oils of their preference, in this case a good option to recommend them would be the essential oil palo santo. For its limonene content, it will help us to release the stress of our body, renewing the energies in a positive way.

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