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Do you want to exfoliate your body and face? Get it with Palo Santo soaps

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Do you want to perform a deep cleaning on your skin? Do you want your body free of impurities? Palo Santo soap is good for this. Eliminates dead cells and fat that builds up in the pores.

Did you expose yourself in the day to the sun? Have you gone to places where there is a lot of dust? Or have you touched your face with dirty hands? Do not care anymore. Palo Santo exfoliating soap can solve this. When applied to the face and body a proper cell regeneration is performed.

It's clear that men and women take care of their image every day. We care about the look and care of our skin. People want to look and feel better. And also that they see them as people cared for. For this reason each person has their rituals of beauty. Among these we must include exfoliation.

The use of Palo Santo exfoliating soap should be used 3 times a week, especially at night. I've been practicing for a long time. I pass the soap over the body. Then I do circular massages so that the granules of Palo Santo concentrate more. My skin looks finer and cleaner.

The face is more important. Remember that cleaning your face is the most important in your daily routine. This routine should be done 3 times a day. Our face will look clean and spotless throughout the day. In my case, I have a greasy face. Since I use this Palo Santo exfoliating soap my face becomes more dense and free of fat.

This soap is light, does not contain dyes. This will help remove pimples and moisturize your skin. It also has a pleasant aroma to Palo Santo. Your partner will feel comfortable to smell your face every moment.

My boyfriend kissed my face for the aroma of Palo Santo. He also ended up using this soap because he liked the smell. Even for my mother-in-law's birthday I gave her an exfoliating soap from Palo Santo. She loved it. He tells me he uses it every day.

Before going to work I bathe with this soap. In the office my body is relaxed and smells very good. Sometimes I don't wear perfume. But with the smell of this soap my body smells rich for a long time. I feel balanced.

When we do a deep cleaning with these soaps we prevent skin aging. It also favors the oxygenation of the skin. I tell you this because I used to have more acne in my face. Since I use this exfoliating soap has already reduced acne. It's something I struggle with everyday. And I thank Palo Santo products for changing my health and beauty.

A good exfoliant also helps to unify the tone of the skin. Dead cells are released. And when released from the body the skin will have a purest and radiant color.

But before we begin to exfoliate we must take these precautions into account:

  • You should use this Palo Santo exfoliating soap on damp skin. If you have dry skin, it will not work. It can irritate and can also hurt from the granules. The wetter the skin, the better you can perform the circular massages.
  • We should not exfoliate the skin if it is burned or irritated. Nor should we do it when we have an open wound. This will cause your skin to turn red and may even bleed.

Palo Santo soaps are 100% natural. They are made from a tree that grows on the Ecuadorian coast. This tree has to fall by itself to get its products. In addition, this sacred tree has a sustainable management plan.

If you want to use another type of exfoliating soap you should go to your dermatologist. He will tell you the type of therapeutic soap you should use.

I hope this advice has helped you a lot. Now you have to put them into practice.

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