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Natural soaps, the best ally to take care of your skin

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The topics on skin care, and how to maintain a smooth skin, are themes of women and men, nowadays we all worry about looking good and having a healthy skin that reflects our true age. In many occasions the smoke of the city, the lack of hydration and the most common, the use of non-natural soaps, make our skin dry and age quickly, for this reason, it is necessary a good hydration with free natural soaps of chemicals with simple techniques to perform at home.

With these indications we provide elasticity, softness and firmness to the skin

Usually I use glycerin soaps without aroma, but I left it, since I found out that there are Palo Santo soaps, this soap is recommended, has a neutral pH, adapts to all skin types, has sawdust which It serves to exfoliate the skin, and without lying, has a pleasant citrus aroma, which helps you relax and recharge the body's energy.

My experience of why I started using natural soaps

Currently I am 25 years old, since my adolescence, that is to say 15 years I started to suffer from acne and oily skin, I even left as rashes in my arms, although I went to the dermatologist, I did not see improvements, besides he said it was normal, because it was growing and my body was changing. Time passed and the problem was decreasing, but it was very little, I did not know what to do, until I found the solution using natural products, that is, free of chemicals and dyes. Sometimes it is not the food, nor the changes of your body that causes this type of skin problems, but the use of products that have chemicals, although they claim to be antibacterial, they have dyes and substances that can harm our skin.

I started using glycerin soaps, free of chemicals, dyes and even had no smell, the truth was that my skin was clean, and after a week I saw how it was getting better. Then a friend recommended the soaps of Palo Santo, I thought it was curious, but I bought one, I started using it for a week, and the result was notorious, my skin was not so greasy, and my pimples were drying up to disappear.

Techniques for using Natural soaps

These natural and handmade soaps, you can use them in many ways, remember that if you buy a soap with natural essence, you can get some benefits.

My routine of cleaning and caring for the face is simple:

I put a little water to boil, when the water starts to steam, I turn off the stove and moved it to the table, I put about 3 to 5 drops of Palo santo essential oil in the water and put my face on the pot, to that the steam opens the pores, you can use any type of natural essential oil.

After having opened the pores, I grab the Palo Santo soap that has ideal sawdust to exfoliate, and I start to run it over my face in a circular way.

Benefits of palo santo soap

Palo Santo soap has a pleasant aroma, has a neutral pH that is to say it is suitable for all skin types, it can be used on dry or damaged skin that has lost its elasticity due to cosmetics or other products that are corrosive to the skin. Remember that soap glycerin has moisturizing effects.

In addition, being a 100% natural soap, it has a high concentration of Limonene, a medicinal terpene typical of Palo Santo, known to be a strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiseptic. It is for this reason that this soap accompanies me every day in the care of my skin.

Palo Santo soap, in addition to fulfilling its main purpose of cleaning, is used as a natural relaxant and for the treatment of minor skin wounds, rashes, etc. The products of Palo Santo will help to show a smooth skin and free of impurities.

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