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Ecoplayas 2022: beach-care activities we have taken part of

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As part of the Ecoplayas initiative to educate both tourists and locals about the importance of leaving beaches clean and not littering. It is important to participate in events that promote the transmission of the message, which is why we have participated in different interesting activities.


Here you can find out about each of the activities we attend, I hope you enjoy your reading and live with us a little of what we do.

It should be remembered that these activities are in tune with the objectives of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development, I invite you to read here so that you understand what this is about.

Now find out what we have done in 2022:

Minga Kids, We educate the little ones in environmental care

On a very pleasant day, on Sunday, July 10, we were participating in a minga on the Murciélago de Manta beach. Together with children between 7 and 8 years old from the Stella Maris Educational Unit and their parents. In order to educate and raise awareness among families and especially the smallest of the household in the care of the beaches, and like the garbage, which sometimes due to irresponsibility, we throw on the sand causes serious damage and a lot of pollution.


The Ecoplayas, Mingas por El Mar, Submarino Amarillo and Cine a Orillas del Mar groups were also present at this minga. We organized ourselves in teams and collected all kinds of garbage from the entire length of the beach, especially plastic, such as cigarette butts. , covers, bottles, glasses, bags of chips, beer cans, ropes, and mallas.

We collected 19.12kg of garbage and counted 627 cigarette butts. We are aware that education is the fundamental pillar to preventing climate change and in this case, children must learn to take care of the planet by seeing our example.

The home is the first school, and it is essential to create an educational space where the serious effects of the warming we are experiencing are taught. Let's not look at climate change as something to come. Because it isn't anymore.

Today we are experiencing the serious effects of pollution. Taking the initiative to change and be more responsible depends only on each one of us. Let's leave a better planet for our children.


If you want to change the world, start from home #LlévateTuBasura

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