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Basic tricks to avoid stress and anxiety

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Today human beings lead a very hectic and tired life, it is impossible to sit still or do nothing for an hour, when we have a lot of work to do. Being stressed and with the feeling that time is short, to perform our tasks puts us wrong, to the point of entering a scene of anxiety. Suffering from anxiety is common if we work under pressure, and if we are mostly stressed. The most common symptoms to detect if you suffer from anxiety are the following.

Sensation of nervousness, agitation or tension, Feeling of near danger, panic or fatality, Increased heart rate, Rapid breathing (hyperventilation), Sweating, Tremors, Weakness or tiredness, Trouble concentrating, Trouble sleeping

Avoiding anxiety is easy, it's just a matter of organizing well, and taking into account certain essential points.

Practice meditation 30 minutes per day

Being good and clear with oneself helps us to be good with the rest of the world. Meditating 30 minutes a day helps us to organize the things of our life. In my case I practice meditation by mixing aromatherapy, at night before going to sleep, I just sprinkle some Palo Santo essential oil mixed with water in my room, when lying down, the smell of woody citrus helps me to relax and to meditate better on the things that I have done in the day.

Practice exercise at least 3 days a week

Having a sedentary life fosters anxiety. Every human being needs to be active or perform some activity in order to release endorphins and download adrenaline, creating a sense of well-being. I do yoga three times a day, after work and believe me it helps me a lot, but do not worry you can do yoga at home, and perform stretches in order to eliminate tension and sleep well.

Listen to music

Listening to music while you are working is not always bad, it can help you concentrate and take things more fluidly to such a point that you can do your work without fatigue or stress. In my case I listen to music of my liking but in instrumental because you also have to take into account that putting music that we know perfectly can generate distraction.

Eat essential nutrients

There are nutrients that are essential for the organism and its lack causes us nervousness, anxiety and discomfort. Foods such as dark chocolate, bananas, lentils, whole grains, chicken, salmon or tuna are rich in magnesium, tryptophan and Omega 3, active ingredients that help protect the nervous system and keep more calm.

Do not work on your days off

This is a mistake that we commit everything, work on our days off or weekends. On Saturdays and Sundays, dedicate it to your family, go to the park, go to the beach, watch a series, or do an activity that you like the most, the thing is to forget that work exists and to have a moment of tranquility and without worries.

Organize your day, and try to take everything in stride, everything is a matter of getting used to the change, if you perform these easy tricks to follow, I assure you that you will have exhilarating work days, with less stress and anxiety will go away from your life.

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