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EcuadorianHands removed 404.81 pounds of garbage of the Tarqui-Manta-Ecuador beach

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For the month of beach cleaning, on Saturday, September 3, we held a minga on Tarqui beach in Manta, where 42 volunteers and various city institutions were present, such as Mingas por el Mar, Pacto verde Jovenes de otro Planeta, Municipality of Manta, in order to educate citizens in the care of the beaches.

We covered a large part of the beach, and in about an hour we removed 404.81 pounds of garbage, 2,161 cigarette butts, 37 masks, food containers, glass bottles, plastic bottles and plastics bags.

All the waste left on the beaches causes irreparable damage to the environment and harms the life of marine fauna. Let's become aware and be more responsible, the positive change is in each one of us.

Let's leave a better world for our future generations.

Be responsible, take care of the beaches and #LlévateTuBasura

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