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Converts the aroma of Palo Santo powder incense into a delicious potpourri

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They know that it is a potpourri, it is a mixture of flower petals, aromatic wood, oils, and spices that, once dried and contained in a container, are combined in order to perfume an environment. The aromas are delicious and last a long time in your home. You can have potpourri in every part of your house, be it in the living room, bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen.

A potpourri is an ecological option, since it takes us away from the traditional and chemical air fresheners that they sell you in the supermarket, and many times they are the same scent options that you see.

In my desire to always keep the house smelling good, I bought different air fresheners, some caused me allergies and others did not have a smell that will last as long as I would like. Tired of spraying fake scents around the house and not getting a fragrance that I like or assure me that it will always smell good. Apart from the fact that it is a waste of money, I decided to do a little more research on natural scents that I could have in my home, and that allows me to have an environment that always smells delicious.

And I discovered the potpourri, this mixture of scents, this mixture of spices that naturally generate pleasant aromas. You can pick rose petals, spices like cloves, cinnamon, citrus peel like lemon or grapefruit, also use lavender and palo santo. All those naturally scented plants or spices can create delicious fragrances.

But I'm going to tell you something, the palo santo by itself can be a unique potpourri that you can put different uses to. You only put a handful of our palo santo ground in a bag that allows the aroma of palo santo to be released and use it in the following ways:


How potpourri is made with incense Palo Santo powder?

You must have several cloth bags, they can be recycled, or natural fiber, but with very small pores to prevent the potpourri from being loose.

Have your palo santo powder or palo santo potpurri on hand.

Take a handful of your palo santo powder, especially the thickest wood shavings, and put it in the bag where we will store your potpourri.

Once your bags are ready, you can place them in the places where you want to perfume the sweet aroma of palo santo.


How to use the potpourri?

In the room, you can place it in drawers, either on the nightstand or between clothes. You can also locate it in the closet of the clothing manufacturers. Also on shelves in the kitchen or in the living room in closed places. You do not know how delicious it is to open cabinets and drawers smelling a natural aroma and not the typical musty smell that sometimes collects in drawers and sticks to fabrics and things.


In the bathroom, to be able to use it in the bathroom you have to place it in a container since in the bag it does not look so nice and it can collect moisture from the place. That is why I recommend a tray and leave it there.


You can take your Palo Santo potpourri with you to work, and store it in your desk drawers or keep it next to your computer to smell its woody citrus scent. without the need to burn it as incense and cause annoyance to your co-workers.

Potpourri, how long does it last?

If you feel that it is losing its initial smell, just open the bag and add 3 drops of 100% pure essential oil of palo santo. You will notice how its aroma lasts longer.

Enjoy it and tell me how are you?

Help us reforest and plant a Palo Santo tree

Did you know? By purchasing any Palo Santo product and especially our magical Palo Santo Braceletyou are supporting us to continue financing our reforestation program, in order to preserve the dry forests where our sacred tree, the palo santo, lives.

Everything that Mother Nature has given us we must give back to keep the dry forest intact and alive, which we thank so much for living its mysticism and spirituality through the "sacred wood" or palo santo. Following the example of our ancestors, we believe that the only way to continue selling our palo santo products around the world is to develop reforestation campaigns and studies in conjunction with the academy to preserve the forest. Learn more about our reforestation project in which we have been working for 7 years here: 11.000 Palo Santo Trees Reforested. 

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