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Creativity and Consciousness Parade: "Recycling in Action" La Travesía School

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In an exciting event that combined creativity, environmental awareness and community commitment, the La Travesía Sector School became the epicenter of an inspiring movement.

With the launch of the "Recycling in Action" project and the celebration of the II Contest of Costumes with Recycled Materials, it was shown that sustainability can be fun, elegant and transformative.

In the midst of this unique journey, EcuadorianHands is proud to not only support these initiatives, but to actively contribute through its Palo Santo bracelet and its commitment to ESG management and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Fifteen children, fifteen suits made from recycled materials and fifteen messages that resonated with the importance of caring for the environment. The II Recycled Materials Costume Contest was not only a showcase of creativity, but a powerful reminder of the responsibility we all share to protect our planet.

Each child on the runway became an environmental superhero, using their suits as canvases to express their thoughts on conservation and sustainability.

Amid the excitement of the event, EcuadorianHands stood out as a committed partner passionate about the cause. Beyond being a company that offers authentic treasures from Ecuador, it has proven to be a key player in promoting positive change.

The palo santo bracelet, a symbol of hope and reforestation, became a centerpiece of the event. Each purchase of this bracelet not only contributes to planting trees, but also boosts employment and encourages beach care through the #LlévateTuBasura movement.

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