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Day of Action for the Oceans in Santa Marianita: Experience with EcuadorianHands

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On September 2nd, I had an extraordinary experience in Santa Marianita, specifically in the El Pescador area. A group of young people and environmental organizations came together to carry out a minga that was unlike any other; this one was special. The mission: to take care of our marine environment and send a powerful message of environmental consciousness.

The day began with a warm welcome for all participants. We were provided with gloves and sacks for waste collection, and an introductory talk prepared us for the task ahead. The energy of the young people at that moment was inspiring. They were ready to take care of their coast, our ocean.

The minga was not limited to the physical effort of picking up trash; it was an educational process. After an hour and a half of tireless work, we gathered for a well-deserved snack. But the day didn't end there. A story was read to the children, creating an educational and playful atmosphere that made a difference in their hearts and minds.

The highlight of the day was the talk that followed. Here, the little heroes had the opportunity to learn more about the importance of caring for our marine environment and the message behind #LlévateTuBasura. It was a moment of inspiration and awareness, and the faces filled with joy and enthusiasm spoke for themselves.

The results of our combined effort were astonishing. We managed to collect a total of 400 pounds of garbage, including plastics, bottles, nets, and other single-use items. Every piece we removed from the beach meant one more step towards cleaning our marine environment.

EcuadorianHands, the company I am proud to collaborate with, has an unwavering commitment to marine conservation and sustainability. We operate under an ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) management model that guides every aspect of our operations. We believe it is our responsibility to take care of our planet and preserve its natural resources, especially our oceans.

What makes this experience even more meaningful is knowing that the sale of EcuadorianHands sustainable products funds educational projects like Ecoplayas. This initiative not only promotes reforestation and marine conservation in Manabí, but it is also an investment in environmental education for future generations.

Being part of this day, I have firsthand seen how EcuadorianHands not only takes care of our beaches, but also commits to reforestation and environmental education. We witness how this company not only talks about values like sustainability and circular economy, but lives them and turns them into concrete actions.

Every action we take, whether big or small, matters in the fight for the health of our oceans. I invite you to join this mission and be part of a real and lasting change in the care of our marine environment. EcuadorianHands and I encourage you to be part of this cause, because together we can create a cleaner and healthier world for future generations. Join the action for our oceans!

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