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EcuadorianHands reforested Palo Santo trees together with Roberto Manrique and the Municipality of Manta

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As part of the centennial celebrations of Manta, we actively engaged in a reforestation initiative that joined forces with the Municipality of Manta and Roberto Manrique, an accomplished Ecuadorian actor, environmental advocate, and leader of the impactful "Together x the Earth" movement. This collaborative effort aimed not only to commemorate this special milestone but also to contribute to a sustainable future, in alignment with the United Nations' 2030 Agenda for sustainable development.

The event itself unfolded on October 21, drawing the active participation of not only the municipal authorities but also the enthusiastic involvement of young students from the "Replica Manta" Educational Unit. Joining hands with them were dedicated volunteers from the Manta Recycling Association, alongside citizens from all walks of life who gathered to be a part of this noble undertaking.

Manta unique ecosystem, characterized by its dry forest environment, presented a strategic opportunity for reforestation. With careful consideration, we decided to plant native Palo Santo trees, tailored to the area's specific ecological needs. This thoughtful approach is recognized as a smart and cost-effective way to steer the region toward sustainable development, optimizing the balance between expenditure and impact.

Since 2015, our commitment to reforestation has led us to organize multiple sessions in the dry forests of Manabí. Through these collective efforts, we are proud to announce that over 11,500 trees have been successfully planted and nurtured. This not only contributes to environmental rejuvenation but also bolsters local biodiversity and nurtures the bond between community and nature.

While environmental remediation actions are undoubtedly important, we firmly believe that instilling a sense of ownership and awareness within the citizenry holds the key to lasting change. Recognizing this, we are resolute in our commitment to educate and awaken the environmental consciousness of every individual, inviting them to stand as advocates for sustainable ideals.

As we forge ahead, let us draw inspiration from these successful endeavors and continue to champion environmental causes, bolstered by our shared conviction that education and citizen involvement are the cornerstones of an impactful and sustainable future. Together, we move forward with purpose and determination!

We work for a sustainable Manta!

Plant more trees!


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