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How to have an excellent concentration and memory using essential oils?

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Memory is a resource of our body that is an important part of our daily lives. Without it, there would not be adequate performance in the daily activities we carry out.

Being a basic and essential function of your life. It is the one that allows us to remember each one of the activities that we have to carry out. Remember moments from the past, present and what is planned in the future. It is important to know that sometimes memories can be influenced in other memories.

To get a good concentration we need to have a good memory. And this is vitally important so we must always keep in mind.

There are times when our memory can fail; we forget places, dates, conversations and even work-related topics.

Memory problems are very frequent now. From the smallest to the elderly can suffer from memory problems. These problems can even be genetic and derive in diseases such as dementia or the known Alzheimer's disease.

With regard to memory there are 7 sins that happen to us all when there is deconcentration; they are as follows:

  • Waste of time.

  • Distraction

  • Blocking

  • Erroneous attribution

  • Suggestion Ability

  • Bias

  • Persistence

What we can not deny, is that at some point we all suffer a small slip with our memory and it usually fails. Then we have the doubt, if we can improve this in some effective and natural way.

Today, there are many chemical and natural ways to improve memory. One of the most effective ways and recommended to improve our memory, It is the use of essential oils.

As we know, essential oils have been used for centuries, mainly by the Egyptians. These oils are attributed a number of properties, among these the power to improve memory and achieve a better concentration.

These types of oils can achieve memory improvement deeply, and this will help us to achieve a better concentration.

Next I will talk about specific essential oils, that they will be able to help us above all to maintain the concentration in moments of study, of preparation for an important meeting or exhibition of some labor project.

Romero Essential Oil

This essential oil will serve us a lot to improve the prospective memory. In other words, to be able to remember plans that we make regarding work activities, between friends, in family or important dates that we can not forget for any reason.

Essential Oil of Basil

When we can not easily remember some important information; or what we are studying, this essential oil is perfect. It helps us to eliminate bad memory. It also helps us a lot when we have fatigue induced distraction, due to many hours of study. Using 20 to 25 drops of this essential oil we can improve all this.

Mint Essential Oil

When we are reading, preparing a project or simply studying; it is difficult for us to maintain a full concentration without feeling drowsy.

This essential oil is the one indicated for this work. Thanks to its natural properties we manage to maintain an excellent concentration and be able to absorb much more information. All this is supported by an investigation carried out by “The Internacional Journal of Neuroscience”.

Palo Santo Essential Oil

As we know the essential oil of palo santo is the indicated one to renew and recharge our energies. This is a fundamental part for a good memory and concentration. It increases the mood and frees us from stress and anguish. Allowing us to capture all the information we need through a good concentration.

Ways to use essential oils

  • Using an aroma diffuser.

  • Heat water and when it reaches a state of boiling, remove from heat and place 3 to 5 drops of essential oil. We inhale the steam with the help of a cloth protecting the eyes.

  • Placing two drops of essential oil on the inside of the wrists. We take it to the nose and inhale.

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