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Natural air fresheners to eliminate household odors

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Publication date: 04/03/2018

In our home there are certain corners where bad odors are concentrated and we dont know how to remove them. Smell of tobacco, fried fish, grease, dirty clothes, sweat and trash ... And you'll ask, now what do I do? Many times we hear recommendations from people nearby, they tell us how to clean those annoying smells.

There are several techniques to clean the bad smells of our house. In the supermarket they sell air fresheners that come ready to put them in a space of the living room, dining room or bedroom, but most of these come with chemical products. Many of these air fresheners are expensive and harmful to the environment.

In this post we will teach ways and techniques how to clean those bad smells naturally. We can do it with natural essential oils, even with fruits that we have in our fridge. These natural air fresheners provide advantages that those of chemical products dont have.

Here is a list of how to clean the bad smells with homemade and natural techniques:

  • The plants and flowers. These disperse gentle natural fragrances. We can put them in a vase or a pot in the center of the room, this way also serves as an ornament for the home. You can choose the flower that you like the most and use it as an air freshener in your home.
  • Citrus. The most used are lemon and orange. Usually when we cook, the house and especially the dining room is left with bad smells, in this case we can use a pot with hot water and squeeze a lemon or orange into it. In this way the bad smells of the kitchen will go away. We can also add a little clove to have a more concentrated aroma. The peels of these citrus fruits on the garbage can also help to eliminate the bad smell.
  • Essential oils. We can use them in different ways. We can put in a diffuser a few drops of essential oil of your choice (Lavender, eucalyptus, chamomile, Palo Santo) and let it act for 30 minutes. The diffusion with essential oils also has many health benefits. Another way to use essential oils is to put water in a bottle and pour a few drops of essential oil, you can spray it in different parts of the house.
  • Herbs. You can put herbs in a vase or put them in a specific place where children can not pick them up. Eucalyptus, mint and lavender will leave your home with the smell of forest. You will feel in an environment of nature. The dried herbs can also be used, you put them in a newspaper and place them on a trunk of your fireplace, you will notice how the pleasant smell reaches the nearby houses.
  • Grains. The coffee beans are the most driven. We can put them in a bag or a stocking that we no longer use and hang it inside the closet, in the living room of the house or in a closed place where it expels bad odor. Its widely used to eliminate the aromas left by tobacco. Coffee neutralizes bad odors.
  • Aromatic candles. These in addition to leaving a penetrating aroma in every corner of your house, also serves as a table adornment. You can leave them lit at night to better reconcile the dream. Many times with these candles aromatherapy is practiced to enhance our sense of smell.

A fresh scent will make our house feel more homelike. The aroma is the letter of presentation of our home, as well as cleanliness and order. In addition there is nothing better than arriving from work and finding your home with a fresh scent, this will make your senses calm and in harmony. And you have some trick to eliminate bad smells?

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