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Ecoplayas LlévateTuBasura, our beach-care education program

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It is fun to spend time at sea, for many, going continuously becomes a space of calm and relaxation. But have you been aware of the amount of garbage on the beach after you have been there? Are you one of those who leave their garbage in the sand?

With the Beach-Care Education Program #LlevateTuBasura, we focus on raising awareness and educating people who visit the beaches. A large number of people continually go to the beaches of Manta, however, most of them are not aware that at the end of their stay they must collect and carry their garbage when they leave. Remember that our actions now are decisive for our future. If we pollute today, tomorrow we will not have the beauty of the sand and sea at our disposal.

According to the RAE, the beach is «1. F. Shore of the sea or of a large river, formed by sandbanks on an almost flat surface.»

In a quick way, there are two determining factors that contaminate the beaches (sand and the ocean) with solid waste. The first is due to the action of fishers, sailors, etc. that when they go to the fishing task they throw their waste into the water, and then because of the currents, they end up on the beach. The second factor is the people who go to the beach to enjoy a recreational activity and leave their garbage on the beach. At Ecoplayas, we have specialized in finding practical solutions for the second factor.

trash cansHave you noticed that the garbage cans on the beach are an obsolete method of garbage collection? How many times have you seen these containers full of garbage to the top, and even garbage bags around them? The users of the beaches leave the "garbage in its place", and it is the municipality that does not have an effective system for collecting solid waste on the beaches. I have observed it in my 40 years as a surfer, which has made me a protector of the environment, and in the years that we worked in search of the blue destination certification for El Murcielago beach, implementing a comprehensive solid waste program. The garbage cans on the beach, instead of being a solution, are a problem.

One of the specific objectives is to remove the solid waste bins from the arena and for each person to take their trash. We are sure that many will shout that we are crazy; They did the same when the project to remove the security meshes in soccer stadiums began. Do you remember? Each person is responsible for their actions! As Calle 13 says, "if you want real change, then walk differently."

Well, let's get to work! We have determined 500 linear meters of beach in Ecoplayas/Santa Marianita/Manta, where we are implementing this new methodology to test the hypothesis that garbage cans are not necessary for the sand to keep it clean. The dynamic is very simple: You take your garbage home, and deliver it to the dumpster; From that moment on, it is the responsibility of the city. We will write scientific articles with our research that will lead us to test our hypothesis and develop an alternative, effective method that can be replicated on all the beaches of Manta and the country.

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By making the population an active part in the protection and sustainable development of the beaches, we are empowering them to manage their solid waste. We collaborate to have healthy natural recreational areas and to reduce collection costs to the municipality, for a job that they do not perform correctly. It's a win-win.

We keepers are privileged to live in front of the sea, and we must assume it responsibly.

Thanks to everyone who has accompanied us on this journey in search of cleaner beaches and educating citizens. Together we can put an end to this environmental pollution crisis.

The slogan is simple and straightforward, every time you return home from the sea after having spent a wonderful day #LlévateTuBasura.

Good waves!

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