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Panama Hats are no longer seasonal hats

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When you think of a Panama Hat, what comes to mind? It is surely the word “summer”. But let me tell you that this beautiful accessory is not only for summer, one of the main characteristics of a Panama hat is its timelessness, this hat has the ability to make you look good no matter the place or time of year. Just think about it, the toquilla straw hat has existed for centuries, so much so its origin is, since before the settlers arrived in America. And yet it is so famous today.

A straw hat is an accessory that you need to have in your closet yes or yes. And believe it or not, the cold winds and the orange and woody colors of autumn give a great atmosphere to wear a straw hat in your daily style. Do not hesitate and I invite you to see these options to wear your Panama Hat with your favorite outfits.

Why you should wear a Panama Hat in the Fall

Hats are an ideal companion, and in autumn you will surely be struck by wearing one because it will protect you from cold winds.

Panama Hats are no longer seasonal hats

Comfortable to always wear

The ergonomics of this famous straw hat are so perfect that it fits every head and feels like you are not carrying anything. It is very comfortable light and soft to the touch. You can always use it, either in those windy days of autumn, calm, because of how it fits your head it will not fly away. Of course, if you take it off, do not leave it outdoors, as it can go with the wind. Try to wear it on your walks in the afternoon and you will see how fabulous you will look.

Panama Hats are no longer seasonal hats

Versatile when combining your wardrobe

The appearance of a Panama Hat, its natural straw color, gives you that opportunity to combine it with all the wardrobe colors and fabric textures that exist, you can wear a coat, a jacket, a diver, a button-down shirt, or just a shirt under your coat. And the hat will fit you very well. Like the footwear you wear to wear this hat, you can combine it with your sports shoes, although my classic critics will say that this is a horror, well no, the versatility of the hat is that it looks good with everything, and try it, you will see how handsome that you will see.

Panama Hats are no longer seasonal hats

EcoFrendly, made of natural fiber

We are PRO of sustainable fashion, for us, it is not a game to take care of the environment. And one of the most important things is to make known that one of the benefits of the hat is that it is totally ecofriendly, since, being a product made of natural fiber, handwoven with a lot of patience and love, this accessory is the favorite for people with a green conscience. Apart from taking care of the planet, you are allowing to preserve the art of weaving that originated hundreds of centuries ago in the communities of Montecristi in Ecuador.

Three Toquilla Straw Hats for this Fall 2023

Fedora Panama Hat

Panama Hats are no longer seasonal hats

If you are one of those people who do not go beyond the classic scheme, this hat is for you. You must recognize that regardless of the material from which a fedora is made it will always be a timeless classic that never goes out of style, it is simply a single click on the search engine to realize that many celebrities throughout history have used this model of the hat in its most varied outfit.

The fedora can be your companion wherever you go, you can wear it with a suit in an important meeting or with your coat for the cold during a walk in the street. If you want to feel elegant, but without many things, you can take a fedora with you, yes, do not forget to wipe it with a dry cotton cloth when you get home, just in case the breeze or rain has wet it.

Borsalino Panama Hat

Panama Hats are no longer seasonal hats

The Borsalino model is a classic that, like the fedora, never goes out of style, although in appearance they seem the same. The difference is that the bending of the Borsalino cup is more rounded. The creator of this model was Giuseppe Borsalino in Italy in the 19th century, gaining worldwide fame and although it was originally made of felt, many have taken his model and molded it to materials such as natural fiber, in our case the toquilla palm, with the one that makes the Panama Hat.

If you are a lover of this model, do not hesitate to buy a straw Borsalino and wear it with your favorite sweater and your matching jean or fabric pants. In the fall we already start to cover ourselves more, but that is no excuse for not looking good. So look at this model and who knows it would look great on you.

Teardrop Panama Hat

Panama Hats are no longer seasonal hats

This hat is very peculiar, it has short brims and is very elegant, I would say that it is one of the most elegant that exists, and you can combine it in the ways you want it is perfect to wear it in both outdoor events and indoor events, its shape It is minimalist, which adds a touch of elegance, but without feeling overshadowed by having a hat that covers your head.

Combine this hat with a warm jacket in shades of blue or olive green, matching trousers in shades of beige or white, and complement them with oxford shoes in black or brown leather. You can also combine it with a cakie blazer, a white shirt, beige fabric pants, and brown leather shoes. You create the outfit and try which one makes you look great.

During the fall we may feel that we are not going to look good because what we care about is being comfortable and warm, but what if I told you that an accessory such as a straw hat can help you look good while you feel comfortable to do your daily life. Try it and let me know, I want to read about your experience.

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