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Sustainability Minga: Uniting Communities for a Cleaner Future

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Sustainability is our compass at EcuadorianHands! We are excited to share an experience that embodies our values and vision of a more conscious and clean world.

On this occasion, I want to take you behind the scenes of two events that fill us with pride, events that are possible thanks to your support in choosing our products, especially our Good Vibes Bracelet. So, join us as you immerse yourself in MINGA and the Octopus Festival!

Tarqui beach in the city of Manta was the scene where a total of 42 volunteers from various organizations came together in a MINGA last Saturday, October 7.

The commendable task: clean and preserve this beautiful beach. The participation of local volunteers and young people from environmental organizations was an inspiring reminder of how unity and commitment can make a difference. This event not only represents a community effort, but embodies the values we defend at EcuadorianHands.

During these four hours of dedication, 122 pounds of waste were collected, including 700 cigarette butts and, unfortunately, a significant amount of plastic, a highly harmful material for the environment and the biodiversity that inhabits this area.

The collection work is vital, but the message that resonated with all the volunteers and attendees is even more significant: "When you go to the beach, please take your trash with you." This call for environmental responsibility is a mission we must all embrace, and these efforts reflect our dedication to the well-being of our environment and our belief that together we can create a cleaner, more sustainable world.

At EcuadorianHands, sustainability is a fundamental part of our identity. We strive to align our work with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and this would not be possible without your support when choosing our products.

Our Good Vibes Bracelet, a natural treasure that reflects our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, plays a vital role in funding activities like these. Sustainability, support for local communities and nature conservation are essential aspects that EcuadorianHands actively promotes.

But our mission did not stop at MINGA. We continue in our commitment to educate and raise awareness about the importance of caring for our marine environment and the meaning behind #LlévateTuBasura. At the fifth Octopus Festival on Liguiqui beach, a rural area of Manta, we had the opportunity to bring our message of environmental responsibility to the attendees who were enjoying the event.

This gastronomic festival not only offered a unique opportunity to taste delicious dishes, but also gave us a valuable space to talk with attendees, merchants and local authorities. Everyone joined our environmental awareness and education campaign, and joined the call to "#LlévateTuBasura".

This collaboration, along with trash collection during the festival, underscores the power of community and the positive impact we can achieve when we work together.

Our commitment is not only to the marketing of Palo Santo products; It is a commitment to a better, cleaner and more conscious world. Your choice of our products, such as the Good Vibes Bracelet, is a vote of confidence in our vision and a significant contribution to activities like these.

EcuadorianHands is firmly rooted in its values of circular economy, sustainability, community support and environmental care. We invite you to continue being part of this mission, to choose sustainability and to join us in building a more conscious world.

Every purchase not only provides you with high-quality products, but is also a step towards a cleaner, brighter future for everyone. Join us on this exciting journey of love for nature and environmental responsibility!

Once again, we thank you for being part of our community and supporting our cause. Together, we are forging a legacy of respect for our marine environment and a commitment to the preservation of our beautiful coastline and beaches. Towards a cleaner and brighter future!

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