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We reforested 100 Palo Santo trees next to the Municipality of Manta-Ecuador

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As part of our #PaloSantoDoneRight Environmental Education Program, we join forces with the Municipality of Manta-Ecuador and its Manta Reverdece program.

We trained the community through its Manta Capacita platform, where our president Fabrizio Vera, Ing. Adrian Murillo and Dr. Carlos Salas spoke about the importance of reforesting urban and rural spaces with native flora from the dry forest and how they help the carbon footprint reduction. Later, together with young people from the Agents of Change program Verde, we reforested 100 Palo Santo trees in the Abdón Calderón neighborhood of Manta-Ecuador, under the guidance of Juan Manuel Macías in charge of Projects of the Directorate of Environmental Quality and Risk Management of the Municipality of Manta.

Manta is a dry forest. Reforesting with endemic species of the area is the smartest thing we can do, being the best cost/effectiveness path for sustainable development 2030 of the United Nations.

Around 50 young people participated in this reforestation, including students and members of the Abdón Calderon neighborhood, Green Agents, Green Pact, and representatives of the Technical University of Manabí with whom we have been working for several years on research projects related to Palo Santo. “Bursera Graveolens” and the dry forests of Manabí.

It is important to know that each planted tree has an identification plate, and is georeferenced, in order to be able to give it permanent monitoring.

We are convinced that your actions have the power to change the world.

Plant more trees!

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